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Title: [OOC]: NYC Noir
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This page can be used for character information, backgrounds, coordination, etc.
Title: Re: [OOC]: NYC Noir
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Some Contacts for those without them:

Pete Stanz

Pete runs his great-great-grandfather’s book store, Ray’s Occult Books - a mecca for mediums, spiritualists, and mages.  This open-all-night establishment has four floors of tightly packed shelves filled with books on everything from ancient mystical practices to modern spirit theory.

Pete knows every summoner, shaman and mage there is to know in New York, and rumors persist that he leads a powerful group of spellcasters who are dedicated to preventing anything bad from emerging in the city – and as he likes to call it the Tri-State area.

Shuowen Jiezi

The incense master of the Red Dragon Triad is rumored to be the power behind Johnny Wong’s rise to control of the vice trade in Manhattan.  A strange old man with pale eyes who prefers to be seen in traditional mandarin robes.  A long fu-manchu mustache and bald head only adds the effect, and the last three fingernails on each of his hands are grown out, covered with ornate lacquer and gold leaf.

Some liken him the Devil incarnate, and he is known to make deals all the time with people he feels can be of use to him and the Triad.  Under his directions the Triad has wisely stayed outside the buried mob war between the mob and the Honjowara-gumi.

Harry Kwan

Harry Kwan is the most successful stock trader in Manhattan – and he flies completely under the radar.  His secret is the fact that he runs the largest, most successful bike messenger service in New York, so any moves made that are too sensitive to trust to the Matrix move through his hands.  Consequently he maintains yet another business as an information broker and fixer.  If there’s someone who needs something in the corporate world, Harry knows where to find it and who’s best able to get it.

If you need to find him he’s either running his bike shop on the Lower East Side or at an OTB in Brooklyn – the best way to talk to him is to get him to talk about horse-racing, the greatest passion he has.


Swap is part of a network of street people – food vendors, cabbies, homeless, runaways and prostitutes – that keep their eyes and ears open to everything happening on the street.  Someone’s been kidnapped for ransom, a shop has been robbed, a mob soldier has been talking to the cops and Swap and his group have heard of it.
Swap may be a merchant hawking counterfeit purses and wallets on the street, but as a part of the network he’s invaluable.  Anything that happens in NYC on the street level he either knows about, or can find out.


Sanders is the best street fighter in the business – and the strangest.  When SURGE hit in 2061, Sanders got the short end of the stick.  Cat girls became famous, people with exotic eyes and hairs were normal.  Sanders grew feathers, a beak and his legs changed – painfully – into bird legs.  Sanders went from a perfectly handsome troll into a giant anthropomorphic chicken.

Practically unemployable, he entered the freak show fighting circuits in his hometown of Detroit, working his way up to the big time in NYC.  He makes infrequent appearances on the circuits in the old Quad Cities but mostly sticks to the Colonel’s Nest, derisively referred to by his competitors as the Coop, his own fighting pit deep in Chinatown.

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Additional Contacts

I warned y’all that your contacts became mine if they weren’t defined.

Jason O’Kennan

Jimmy O’Brien

Jimmy’s thirteenth generation NYPD, even if the force went private.  His many times great-grandfather was sworn in and kept public order in the slums, and every O’Brien since has worked the street since then.  Jimmy is fairly typical for men of his family – short, stout with a drinking problem and too many kids for his salary.

Aside from knowing most of the rest of the NYPD Inc. Brooklyn force, he mainly knows street movers and shakers, and what’s happening in the criminal underground in the city.

Specialties – Police Operations, Underworld Knowledge, Reinforcements

Nate Bringham

Bringham is the favorite ID manufacturer of not-quite-respectable Brooklyn.  A hobgoblin based out of Cobble Heights who seems to live in Salvatore’s, an Italian meat market and restaurant on Court St., Bringham manufacture ID’s for people who want to go under a different name for reasons that mostly have to do with kids buying alcohol underage and ordering items over the Matrix that users typically don’t want to show up connected to their SIN.

If you need a fake license, a SIN that’s able to beat low level security scans Nate’s your contact.  Of course, after so many years in the business he has a good eye for bad ID’s as well.

Specialties – Forgeries, Nightspots, Biometrics

Evelynn Caraway

James Sunderland

James runs his own talis shop, if you can call it that, out of the trunk of his Americar.  A fixture in the New York magic community James is the oldest looking human most people will ever meet, and people who’ve known him for 30 years swear he looks exactly the same now as he did when they first met him.

James has thin papery skin, thick wire-rimmed glasses and an ill-fitting tweed suit he wears during all weather, only adding a ratty overcoat in winter.

Specialties – Talesma, Enchantments, Magical Traditions


Dawn Kowalski

Dawn is a very angry police officer.  She trained to be a street cop, her dream since she was a girl growing up in a bad neighborhood.  The only problem was she wasn’t good with a gun, and was good organizing files.  The NYPD put her in the Records department, where her competence got her promoted to sergeant and doomed her to a life out of a squad car.

Dawn is a fairly imposing 6’2” elf with jet black skin, a shaved head and solid silver cyber eyes.  She’s typically dressed in her NYPD-issue uniform with a motorcycle cop’s jacket.  She’s also addicted to energy drinks and is rarely seen without one in her hand.

Specialties – Evidence files, criminal records and history, crooked cops.

Takayama Yoshi

Takayama-san is a little-known fixer in New York who runs his business out of his sushi shop.  The reason he’s little known is that few people expect a fixer to conduct most of his business over a sushi counter while he’s making the food.  Those in the know however order spicy tuna temaki sushi with extra ginger and an Asahi to find the job or talent they need.

Takayama is a heavy set Japanese gentlemen with a bushy mustache who is almost never seen without his headband, sushi chef coat and geta.  Given the amount of work that flows out of the same place some people have wondered why he hasn’t been robbed or kidnapped, but his movements with his knifes are so elegant and precise that most of his customers suspect he’s an adept.

Specialties – Finding Work, Players in NYC and the Tri-State Area, Yellowtail rolls.

Lou Perelli

Lou runs a bar, called Lou’s, near the Brooklyn docks that caters to blue collar types who prefer the bottle to people.  The interior looks like it came straight out the 1920’s – low ceilings, dark booths and a few tables scattered around rough hardwood floors, a solid bar with a brass foot rail and tall bar stools.  Lou’s opens at 8AM to cater to third shift workers coming off the docks and his bar closes at 2AM and there’s almost always at least one customer nursing their drink.  Lou’s is renowned for having just about anything imaginable underneath the counter or on the shelf, and being able to mix any cocktail known to man.

Lou himself is a tall, stringy ork with sandy blond hair, piercing blue eyes and one tusk jutting out from the right side of his mouth.  He typically wears work shirts and canvas work pants, and despite his working class crowd he’s never hired – or needed – a bouncer

Specialties – Rumors, shipping information, burnout drunks.
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Just found out some interesting suspects A cab driver a whore a baker and a thug more on that later