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Nice.  I'll add that to my original post.  Good thinking!

Hey Bull, there was just a post on my Shadowland/Jackpoint thread about if we could set up some postings on various subjects. What I was thinking was if we could use the aliases here in multiple ShadowSEA type of threads where we might have a subject introduced (like the sourcebooks) and people can post In-Character in regards to the subject. We'd make sure that only the characters on here were used, though.

Whaddya think?

Hey, I had your post moved over here...  Was a bit more appropriate, and kept that thread cleaner.

Anyway, hey, go for it.  The more the merrier.  My Suggestion is for any spin off threads that use the "Virtual Underworld" style posting to have a [VU93] tag in the subject...  So like, say if we were discussing new guns...  "[IC VU93] New Gun Released by Ares!"

And if someone wanted to start up ShadowSEA threads, they're more than welcome to do that as well.

There aren't any hard and fast rules for this particular forum, other than that it's for playing and running games.  So each thread and game can make their own sets of rules. :)


Ok, THugboy is a random, asshole mook I created just to have someone be a jerk.  I think Patrick has dibs, but if bad things happen to him, I wouldn't be terribly upset.  He's basically a jacked up Street Ganger with some wires who thinks he's a badass Street Samurai (Without, you know, the samurai honor, skill, or intelligence).


I'd love to get in a practice combat... ;D


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