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Flip obviously wouldn't get the reference, he's a young gun that is freaked.

The box itself only has magic to return to the last person who bled on it (Pizza Boy was being shot at and somewhat bloodied when he got the box), via a spirit permanently bound to the box. Inside the box is a dagger that drains essence, and whenever it drains essence it permanently infuses the stolen essence into the user.

For those that haven't caught on yet or who haven't paid attention, Nightmare is participating in the 2076 Desert Wars with a three man squad made up of herself, a technomancer, and a mage.  I'm actually roleplaying this plot offline, so most of the posts will be a bit self-contained but I'm open to anyone talking about what some other unit is up to for those that are "watching".  Note:  Nightmare's squad, which known as the Iron Knights (there's a backstory there that maybe I'll get into later but not right now), was hired by larger unit for the large scale affairs, which are currently going on, but will be participating in the Merc Challenge as a single unit (be late next month to the month after, which would put it near the end of Desert Wars).

Nightmare's lose of connection is not due to whatever the Reality Hackers is up to, it's a lose of her connection due to a mortar to her satellite link.  She will be back up online in a few days.

Ok, so here are some words of explanation:
The seatle Matrix Rumble is quite simple, CKs VS RHs. But as you see quite clearlly this is just a mess. Pure chaos. In this is some conspiracy xD Any one recognizing CMOS? Leader of Midwest Pirats Guild? And what is MPG doing here? I will not tell you yet, but you should easily get the idea. For now, Booze had just bad timing. He was on a party, in Tux's when it all started. He and his team, are trying to find out what is it all about. That keeps him almost all the time in matrix combat. That is why he is so hard to reach. You could notice the news,... hacked by some RH punk.

Just jumping in, it looks like.  Hope that's okay...


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