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[OOC] VU93 Street Legends: The Wyrm Ouroboros (Shadowtalk Addition)

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First page after "Military Sort of Guy"'s answer of "Skeptic"

>>>>>[Also, when your dealing with a combat inviroment, promotions also come fast as the people above you die. Nothing happened more or faster in the orriginal crash virus suppression than people dying.]<<<<<  --Wolfgar

Second page after "Old Guy"

It also come from being around forever. I'm actually surprised, I've actually been on some of those runs, and worked against a few as well. This guy is an utter proffessional, my hat off to you Wyrm.
]<<<<<  --Wolfgar

Second page, after Yellow Rose:

>>>>>[If this stuff is true, then why hasn't Uath been raving about this guy?  There some bad blood there, or is he just good at getting blamed for things others did?]<<<<<

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Immediately After The Above

>>>>>[ ... who? ]<<<<<
          -- The Wyrm Ouroboros (**:**:**/**-**-****)

Immediately after the above:

>>>>>[Uath MacImmoman?  Psycho druid, likes making examples of why not to be more of a psycho than him.  I think I heard the Padre call him Po' Boy.<<<<<


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