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[OOC] A Street Legends for VU93 Posters?

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The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Just as a suggestion, if you want someone to write up someone else's character, the person whose character it is should first write the character up.  The person who controls/uses the IC writer can then rewrite it, putting their 'stamp' upon it, but the final product should definitely should be approved -- or shut down -- by the character owner.

As for me, well -- I am leery about submitting any of my several old PCs, primarily because I don't want to put them out there, then have to take them back, as it were.

Oh, there was no doubt in my mind that character profiles would have to be approved by their owners. And it's your choice if you don't want to. :)

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
My questions are more legal than preferential.  By preference, I think it'd be fun -- and good practice.  I'm not sure of the legal hoops.

All you freelancers, &c. -- if you write something here, what's required for you to bring it into SR canon via a product?

Unless someone from Catalyst ask for it, none of this is canon and all characters should belong to their creators. I don't work for Catalyst nor am I freelancer for them. It's a fan made project but Bull maybe can confirm this. :P

I'm not certain I grok the question.

If you're asking "If I write it up here, will i be able to use it in canon later as a freelancer?" then the answer is, yes, though as with everything else it's subject to revision and change from the line developer and editors.  Assuming Jason lets you use them, of course. 

if you're asking "if I post this here, can CGL use it?" the answer is no. 

And as a note, I'll likely use Bull the Ork Decker as the author for Chaos and Mac, when i write them up.


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