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Tracker Signal and Signal Locator


Back in 2e these items were a part of the game. They don't seem to be, in that form, in 6e. Is there an equivalent?

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Stealth Tag (pg. 269) is your tracker signal.  Your commlink is your signal locator, via the trace icon matrix action (pg. 184), although since you're tracing your own device your GM should just hand-waive the test because the rules for the action are presuming you're trying to locate a hostile or at least unknown signal.

There is also a Bug Scanner (but I guess this is more for locating hostile wireless devices within close proximity than to locate your own wireless devices).

Now with wireless matrix you can pretty much use any wireless enabled device you are the owner of (but RFIDs are cheap, disposable and small which make them great for the task) as a tracker signal and (as long as noise doesn't get too high) you will automatically spot it simply by accessing the matrix with your commlink (as Stainless Steel Devil Rat already said).

Thank you, sers :)


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