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Can't remember if PAK is the right term. Its been years since I've played. I am trying to alleviate a little bit of the time it takes to put together gear so I'm trying to make packages. This package is for resources E, 8000 nuyen. Comments or PAKs for other resource levels, archetypes or whatever welcome. Numbers in parentheses are ratings.

I haven't seen a 6E PAK thread yet. If there is one please point me to it.  :)

EDIT: The ammo amounts I have listed are not what I meant for a runner to carry with him or her on a run. These amounts are what they might have in total wherever they keep their gear.


Low, 1 month prepaid     2000


Combat Knife          220
Ares Light Fire 70    400


100 rounds light pistol       50

Clothing and Armor

Common Clothing x10       100
1 armor clothing               500
1 armor jacket                 1000

Electronics and all the rest

Sony Emperor              700
Sim module                 100
Micro transciever          100
Tag Eraser                   450
Silver Datachip             20
Respirator (3)              150
Survival Kit                  200
Medkit (3)                   750 

Remaining nuyen is 1260. Not even enough for a level one fake sin. Am I missing something?


take Lifestyle squatter, its E Ressources ;) MetaLinkCommlink Fake Sin 1 Fake Driver License and fake license Concealed Carry

I think this pack would cover the needs of an Ares aficionado quite well. I've added some accessories that I think would complement the firearms. The pak is not cheap, but is covers just about everything outside of the real heavy guns.

Ares Firearms and Accessories Pack

Ares Light Fire 75                          400
Ares Predator VI                          750
Ares Alpha /w Grenade Launcher          3400
Ares Desert Strike                          11000
Smartgun System for Desert Strike     500
Airburst Link for Launcher                   600
Concealable Holster                           150
Hidden Arm Slide                           350
Quick Draw Holster                           175
Silencer                                           500
Spare Clip (5) Predator                   150
Spare Clip (5) Light Fire 75                     25
Spare Clip (5) Alpha                             25
Caseless Heavy Pistol Ammo (100)   200
Caseless Light Pistol Ammo (100)   100
Caseless Rifle Ammo (100)                   400
Mini Fragmentation Grenades (5)   750
Total Cost                                       19500

This pak is for close quarters combat situations.

Close Quarters Battle Pack   
Combat/Survival Knife   220
Katana (2)   700
Remington Roomsweeper (2)   700
Fragmentation Grenades (5)   750
Flash Pak (5)   625
Flechette Ammo (100)   150
Caseless Heavy Pistol Ammo (50)   100
Total Cost   3245

A limited version of my Ares pak above featuring their pistols.

Ares Pistol Pack   Cost
Ares Light Fire 75   400
Ares Predator VI   750
Silencer   500
Spare Clips (5) Ares Light Fire    25
Spare Clips (5) Predator   25
Caseless Light Pistol Ammo (100)   100
Caseless Heavy Pistol Ammo (100)   200
Concealable Holster   150
Quick Draw Holster    175
Total Cost   2325


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