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Black Bart:
>>>>>[Nope, I like a more intimate setting.]                      --Black Bart (22:10:33/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Are we looking at the Lake Washington area per chance?]<<<<<                                      --Black Bart (22:15:00/01-24-78)

>>>>>[The apartmant complex is in Redmond Barrens. My fixer operates out of Touristville alleys.]<<<<<
    -- Scatter (10:22:34/01-24-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Who's the other gang? Maybe we can incite a turf war... But honestly more bullets flying is a last option I'd like. Last I heard the Screamers and the Killers were at it.]<<<<<                                                                     --Black Bart     (22:30:00/01-24-78)

>>>>>[Lets uh... wait for Kensei... before we try and invoke war. Id prefer a sneak attack personally.]<<<<<
   -- Vexboy (10:35:29/01-24-78)


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