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>>>>>[For a bunch of racist mouth breathers I didnt expect them to be that tenacious. Saw us just ran after us with knives. Hope they enjoy the dirt nap.]<<<<<
   -- Trustworthy (12:22:38/01-25-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Did some legging. Backdoor is collapsed. No way in or out of there. Unless he's got a tunnel he's only got one in and out. But so do we.  Physical security doesn't look to bad. This place is old, didn't see a maglock on the entrance but it is operated by the buzzer system, and a camera. We could probably wait until someone came out and we could go in. I know there's also a doorman sitting fifteen feet down the hallway. Dunno if he's armed, better to say he is.]<<<<<
                                                  --Black Bart (19:23:12/01-25-78)

>>>>>[He uh... died. I killed him. He was on the Novacoke or something and raged at me.... took his commlink. Scatter said he would post here when he find our Johnson. Bastards starting throwing grenades in the window and I had to jump out the 2nd story. Thank god for that streetlight... sorta. What the hell happened anyway?]<<<<<
    -- Vexboy (07:32:10/01-25-78)

Black Bart:
>>>>>[Sounds like you got to close for a tail. Don't know man, everything was fine when I went by.]<<<<< 
       --Black Bart (20:24:16/01-25-78)

>>>>>[I had expected him to he asleep.]<<<<<
    -- Vexboy (09:30:30/01-25-78)


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