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Ooc: Ok what is this place?

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The Wyrm Ouroboros:
You decide on what you actually want.  From the sound of it, you want someone to run you through a game - a GM and players.

Black Bart:
Just to familarize myself on here. But I've been posting to a few places so hopefully I'll here something soon.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Most of what's here is either PbP IC games (the RP section, which this is in), in-character conversation (VU93, but which is NOT 'a run'), or out-of-character player/GM conversations (pretty much everything else).  If you want to familiarize yourself, just step into the VU93 conversational thread and introduce yourself using the good ol' shadowtalk protocols.  Note that the 'name line' is immediately following, and ten to fifteen spaces before the name/time/date stamp you already know how to otherwise do.

Black Bart:
Cool I wasn't sure how to post into alot of that.


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