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Title: Kickstarters
Post by: AJCarrington on <11-21-13/1515:53>
A couple of interesting Kickstarters I thought people here might appreciate and be interested in:

The Protectorate Wars Art Book (

Red: A Cyberpunk Fairytale Volume 1 (
Title: Re: Kickstarters
Post by: The Tekwych on <05-29-14/1519:13>
Reading Rainbow Kickstarter
1. Itís Reading Rainbow
2. Itís LeVar Burton

What? You actually need more?

This is not a KS to bring back the old show. LeVar and his team recognize the digital dizzians of this generation do not need, and may not do, television so the new Reading Rainbow will be made as a web based show viewed by subscription. The KS is to make the show available free to any classrooms that request it. The one million dollar goal was reached in just 11 hours but to me that is not the point. Getting kids to read for pleasure is a key to everything else they will do in life. If they are unwilling or unable to read they will find the value in comics, RPGs, and the fiction of all sorts that lead us to the hobbies that brought us here.

Even if itís just $5.00 this is something each and every one of us should put our support behind so please go over and check it out

Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere (
Title: Re: Kickstarters
Post by: Imveros on <10-03-14/1029:05>
is it a coincidence that all the KS projects you guys posted were funded? I THINK NOT! The SR bump is a real thing chummers! ^_~
Title: Re: Kickstarters
Post by: AJCarrington on <10-05-14/0858:35>

I'd like to think that if we had that much influence, we'd be able yo convert it into something a little more tangible... ;)
Title: Re: Kickstarters
Post by: Imveros on <10-05-14/1111:40>
why do you think they keep releasing books with errors in them? So that we waste our time complaining and whining instead of taking over the world!
Title: Re: Kickstarters
Post by: AJCarrington on <10-05-14/1153:44>
Hah!! Made me laugh out loud with that one ;D
Title: Re: Kickstarters
Post by: Herohades on <11-04-14/0944:17>
Well, if that's the case, support for laser wea..I mean fighting against world hunger.