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Sixth World Companion released

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Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

--- Quote from: HeWhoRuns on ---Anyone notice that Agents are included in they hacker gear?  Thought there weren't agents in 6e?  Can someone point me in a direction if I be wrong?

--- End quote ---

They will be in the upcoming Matrix book.

Perfect, thank you!


--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on ---No, they are not blasts.  For starters, they do not scatter as they did in 5e... indeed you defend against them!  Furthermore, 6e spell damage doesn't tend to get really out of hand. Using these rules against fireballs and whatnot would given an unneeded kick in the junk to spellcasters.  If you want to nerf MagicRun, there are options elsewhere in this chapter designed to do exactly that...

--- End quote ---

TBH, Combat spells is the least nerf-worthy part of the whole "Magicrun" issue. At my tables, I actually buffed them a little bit by making the Amp options less drain-intensive!

The biggest problems stem from Summoning/Spirit Balancing and some powerfull spells in other categories, like Mind Control. And for the Spirits, the updated allergies list does help a little bit with the Hardened Armor, and the Spirit Doors rule help with their high Mobility and Accessability. What I love about both is that they also add mucho flavour and encourage creative thinking and roleplaying! IMO, the whole Summoning part should be much more about these, and also further emphasize the differences between traditions instead of the current UML streamlining/steamrolling. Pre-4th Edition, Shamans had to summon spirits from the local environment, and mages had to actually fill a bathtub with water to summon a "Water Elemental" from it. The Spirit Doors rule is a step back to these times - and in this case, thatīs a step in the right direction, at least for me!

Another optional rule that just rebalances Hardened Armor as a whole (f.i. only half of the rating as Autohits or even total conversion into Bonus Soak dice) would have been appreciated, though. But hell, itīs my table. I donīt need an official "OK" for the houserules I alread use  ::)

My group and I all loved the idea of Spirit Doors but it's another one we won't be using because it changes the dynamic so much, it's a whole setting change.  We'd have to rethink how magical security works.  It also makes Possession traditions more attractive and they can be problematic already.  These questions can be answered, it's just a big change for us to make mid-campaign.

Hey I've forgotten to mention this, but the PDF is TOO BIG.  The CRB is just under 50 MB, this is like 110MB.  It's too big even to preview on Google drive, which is pretty important to me.


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