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Somewhat at a loss myself...have reached out again.

As I have said before, I think you're the only one doing customer service at Catalyst AJ. And you're not even paid! I feel bad for ya ;-0

Credit needs to be given where due...Jason followed up last night with Fizzygoo providing a pretty detailed explanation of the issues and the steps that have been taken place to address.

tl:dr Catalyst has fallen and can't get up.


January 6: Jason Hardy replies with details on the issues to AJCarrington and myself (confirming AJCarrington's Jan 7th post here), including that Battlecorps is working on the backlog caused by the issue followed with a quick back and forth emailingz that's essentially a 'thanks for the help,' from me and 'thanks for your patience' from him.
January 12: Emailed Jason Hardy, the customer service email, and AJCarrington asking for updates. J. Hardy replied indicating that "our customer service representative confirmed that your information has been sent to our distributors".


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