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From Tumblr, starting to preview some of the art:

From Echo Chernik's FB page:

--- Quote ---And so it begins... the slow tease campaign of over 78 illustrations I'm doing for Shadowrun.
For those fans that have known me for awhile - this is one of the Dream Projects that interrupted me this past year. Its not something I could turn down, nor is it something I could put off without turning it down.
Lazarus is helping out a lot on it - and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do making it.
--- End quote ---

78 illustrations...nice, very nice, indeed ;D

Very nice, I see from the tumblr it said staves, so I am guessing Ace, Page or Queen of Wands (Staves)?

I am leaning toward betting it is Page as that is the more adventurous of the trio, but I could see elements of the other two as well here.

This is a really interesting idea... so is this a Lesser or Greater Arcana set? If it's a Greater Arcana I think I'll be finding it really difficult to resist.

Wow, that's incredible.

Are you looking for artists to contribute? Are all the cards spoken for? I'd love to participate.

The Tekwych:
Echo is doing the entire deck herself. This is a project she has been wanting to do for some time.


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