Looking for Game 5E/6E

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« on: <11-01-20/1919:04> »
Hello all,

I used to play 5E a ways back but my group broke up. I bought the Sixth Edition when it came out and have been meaning to find a game.

I'm based in Maryland but would prefer an online game until the current health crisis abates, but we can talk about physical games.

I'm looking to get my feet back under me play-wise, so I'm not looking to to be a magic character or decker, possibly a rigger but we'll see. The current character concept rattling around in my head is a rather morbid death-happy weapons specialist, but we can negotiate if the team needs a specific role filled.

Looking forward to getting back in the game!


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« Reply #1 on: <11-10-20/1812:45> »
I'm recruiting SR6 players on RPGX

Got lots of magic applications so a mundane would be good :)
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