AIs on Hosts?

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« on: <05-05-17/0843:36> »
This may be a stupid question, or I'm looking in the wrong places...or possibly not covered by the rules...?

But how do AIs load themselves on to hosts?  I get the principles of occupying a cyberdeck, running programs and their advanced programs on top of those...but does the same apply to hosts?  Some of the text on PC AIs imply they can load themselves on to hosts but is this simply beyond the realms of PCs?  If it is an NPC only issue can someone point me in the right place (Data Trails somewhere?)...sorry, it's been a while since I read DT  ???

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« Reply #1 on: <05-05-17/0905:25> »
Data Trails is a mess in that regard.

As I understand it, entering a host is enough for an AI to not suffer being without a home device since the host provides enough constant computing power to sustain them. Staying there, they can turn the host into their home device (as long as the owner doesn't send IC after the AI)
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« Reply #2 on: <05-15-17/1233:36> »
I had my PCs break into McNeil's jail and decided that Lone Star somehow ended up having an AI on the host as a security measure. I don't recall there is rule on how would the AI get on the host, but as it was a plot device I did not had to look at that.

However, one clear caveat appears while playing - the IA basically downgraded the host. So if you want a AI to be run on a host you have to make the AI attribute at least higher than the host rating, otherwise, the host is better on his own.