Stolen Souls Dates

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The Stolen Souls compilation date is Apr 10, 2076 - can anyone think of a reason why fudging this to mid 2075 would upset canon in any particular way?  A lot of my runs are beginning to centre around Sybil but I've started the game in '75 and I don't like upsetting canon too much as the reference points are too useful. 

That said, I've more or less told my players they can see SS as a downloaded doc from Jackpoint...and I don't want to amend that timeline either.  It's possible they have a precursor document to SS of course, nobody has mentioned the title specifically in IC yet...

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I asked this question when it came out, and it was confirmed that the date in the book is correct.  Most of the data in the book is stuff that has been compiled over the past year, so for my 2075 CFD-oriented game I had the team collect "samples" for Butch.  They were never told what CFD was, only to stay away from the blood and to use special bags to gather the targets.  The players certainly suspected what was going on, but I don't think they cared - the paranoia of knowing about CFD out of character really messed with them pretty good.
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