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Daredevil character 6e(comics not a stunt guy)

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Mathew Murdock's abilities include:

Heightened tactile receptors (can 'read' words printed on a page by the differences left from the printing process - be that handwritten, or laser printed)

Olympic level agility

Heightened sub sonic and utra sonic hearing (can hear things too low, and too high for the normal range of hearing. Can hear a heart beat at 50 meters away, and even tell if you're lying based on heart impulses!)

Radar sense out to a range of 300 meters (or the closest structurally sound wall)
Can detect the EXACT location, speed and trajectory of objects in a 360 degree field of 'view'
Heightened sense of smell, can detect individual chemicals by smell and even track someone by smell, up to 48 hours later.

Increased healing. (Mat recovers from both injury and fatigue about 30% faster then a normal person)


So, the trick is to find a set of powers that mimick those abilities...
Its possible sure, but you are going to need a willing GM to get around some of the crippling dice pool penalties that the build will run into...

Because, well negative qualities that aren't a NEGATIVE effect, can't really be called a 'Negative quality' now can they?


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