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MCT Gnat - pack of ten?

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--- Quote from: Hobbes on ---Sold in packs of ten is fluff text, cost is each.  Ammo is sold per 10 rounds and is clearly noted, every other cost in the CRB is each.  My RAW reading anyway.

--- End quote ---
Ammo has been clearly noted since 1st edition though, that's copypasta working in their favor.

Shinobi Killfist:
I have no idea what their intent was, but sold in packs of 10 means sold in packs of 10 imo. It makes it cost much cheaper than the other micro drones but a lot of costs are wildly different in this game over very small stat changes. Either way all the microdrones are insanely cheap for the level of scouting they provide. far far better than astral for no investment in your character or monetarily, about the same as hacking based surveillance for so much less.


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