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So I am the creator of a game known as SteamCraft.  It is a steampunk rpg, but based on my drivethrurpg sales, the game seems to have strong appeal to Shadowrun fans so I thought I would promote it to Shadowrun fans.  This makes sense because when rushed to explain the game at conventions I say imagine Shadowrun crossed with Jules Verne and set it in Australia where the aboriginals were like Ancient Egyptians. 

Steamcraft is set in a world where the industrial age, meets the information age, meets the resurgence of magic.  While magic was gone from the world, technology took over.  With magic’s return, there is both conflict and opportunity.  Some see magic as a way to return to the similar life.  Corporations see it as another tool to exploit for their own purposes.  It is rumored that a few of these technomancers have succeeded in mixing magic with machine.  But these are merely rumors and no reasonable person would believe such things! 

The world features humans as the dominate race, but there are also races such as gnomes, dwarves, elves, fomorians, tegs, and scaths.  It is a “new world” setting on the southern continent of Laurentia.  Countries created colonies on Laurentia, thinking it was previously unclaimed land. Later they realized that this “new continent” was actually an old continent that contained the Khemetic Empire.  This, however, did not deter colonists and soon colonies spread throughout the continent's western coast.  Those colonies are now part of the Commonwealth of Arcadia.  The Commonwealth is now the dominant power on the western coast after gaining independence.  However, foreign powers continually interfere in the Commonwealth’s affairs in attempt to gain access to the world’s largest known coal reserves.   

While we have a detailed setting, it is open.  There is the urban areas where you get a The book provides all of the information needed to make whatever steampunk world you want.  Our goal is to provide you with just enough information to allow you to tailor your games to your groups’ interests, whether it is corporate espionage, weird west, adventure pulp, or conspiracy. 

You can learn more about the game at  If you like it, you can purchase the PDF or a POD hardback.  However, we are trying to get SteamCraft into stores so we are running a kickstarter to pay for a high quality traditional printing of the book.  If you like the game, please consider backing the project or at least forwarding the information on to others.

Since I saw Airship Pirates mentioned here and another kickstarter, I thought it would be ok to post it here.  I was actually looking for fan forums instead of the official ones, but these are all I could find.  If the post is inappropriate I apologize and will understand if this thread is modded or deleted.   I am just trying to get the word out about the game, who based on rpgnow statistics, are interested in the game.