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I am unclear of intended use of MEMS system from Firing Squad .

The decripion reads "MEMS isn‘t an armor system in itself – it‘s a basic harness and a series of secondary add-on attachments to heavier armors (security rated and above).“ This would make you think that it can only be added to heavy armor and thus should be an accessory, not an armor itself. This is also reflected by the "MEMS harness" showing up on the accessory list on page 55. For Genesis we interpreted this in such a way, that an armor needs to have minimum capacity of 10 slots (which you see on all security and military armors) before you can add "MEMS harness" to it.

However, the armor list on page 55 also shows an "MEMS basic harness", which has armor 0 (Not the "MEMS Tactical Armor Vest" which has its own armor rating). This would allow to combine the "MEMS basic harness" with any other armor, e.g. wearing it under a Greatcoat or above an urban explorer overal, which would circumvene the restriction of the "MEMS harness" that it can only be worn on armor above security rated.

In the German version of Firing Squad, this "MEMS basic harness" does not exist as armor (with rating 0), but only as accessory, with the restriction to security armor.

So basically the question is (when you do not want to use the "MEMS Tactical Armor Vest")...
A) Can you combine "MEMS harness" only with armor which has 10 slots or more OR
B) Can you combine "MEMS harness" with any armor, using the "MEMS basic harness" item

I know the typical answer would be "let your game master decide" however we need to code A or B into Genesis.


Michael Chandra:
The 10 from the rules isn't tied to whatever it gets modded onto, so we cannot depend on that number. See However, Security+, combined with that FBA, the vest, Security Armor and all other heavy stuff has 10+ Capacity, so the 10-limit makes sense. The rules are explicit that the harness won't combine with everything, after all, so the Basic Harness is only in the table to annotate the SR and DR impact it has. But might want to ask the writer directly through Facebook.

Thank you for the feedback.
Unfortunately I do not have a Facebook account thus cannot join the group nor contact any person there.

I am one of those guys who play a cyber-sam who is 100% offline.  :)

Michael Chandra:
I frequently see Genesis info posted on the Facebook group, so maybe fire a PM or mail and let them investigate?


--- Quote ---OK, writer here. The 12/8 is supposed to be the capacity for external things like ammo pouches on the front/back. The 10 is for more internal armor mods such as fire resistance. There was an asterisk next to the 12/8 that explains in my draft. But have no idea of what happened to it.
--- End quote ---

That is RJ's quote from Facebook regarding the capacity of the MEMS


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