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Drek, even that's unclear.

"Once you have the list, tally up the Karma costs, positive and negative. If the total cost of positive qualities is higher, subtract the negative quality costs from that number, and pay this cost with your Customization Karma (see below).  If the total cost of negative qualities is higher than the positive amount, reduce the negative amount by positive amount. You gain that amount in additional Customization Karma.  The limit on qualities at character creation is this: You canít select more than six total qualities at character creation, and the net bonus Karma cannot be more than 20."

page 292. Enhanced Articulation:

"Enhanced articulation provides you with a +1 Agility and a bonus Edge when trying to move through cramped or confining spaces."

Unclear: Do I always get the +1 Agility, or only when moving through cramped spaces? 

Assuming the Edge only applies on cramped spaces, reword as follows:

"Enhanced articulation provides you with a +1 Agility.  You also gain a bonus Edge when trying to move through cramped or confining spaces."

If you for some reason were not supposed to get a +1 Agility all the time, the reword this way:

"When trying to move through cramped or confining spaces, Enhanced Articulation provides you with a +1 Agility and a bonus Edge when making tests while in these conditions."

page 291, Adrenal Pump:
"The pump works for (rating x 1D6) combat rounds, and it canít be switched off early."

Am I rolling "(Rating)d6 and add the results together" or "roll 1d6 and multiply the result by the Rating"?  Very different possible outcomes.  Needs to be reworded to express intended outcome clearly.

Related note, given the consequences for using the pump, a rating 3 pump could easily be fatal.

"When timeís up, you crash and take Stun damage equal to the number of combat rounds the pump was active (use unaugmented Body to resist the damage)." 

So up to 18 damage, on top of what I already racked up.  This is straight up a bad rule.  Slapping a character with an absurd amount of damage is completely imbalanced and needlessly debilitating on a rules level.  This edition has conditions.  Use them instead.  Maybe apply Stun Damage equal to 2 x the rating also, but the conditions are a better consequence here.  Those can last for (Rating)d6 increments, and maybe be relieved with a medkit use.

Also, maybe read up on how massive shots of adrenalin work out.  It's pretty bad.

Another rules issue here too:

"While the pump is active, you ignore injury modifiers, donít fall unconscious even if your Stun Condition Monitor is filled, you canít rest, and the adrenaline pumpís rating is added to your Strength, Agility, Reaction, and Willpower attributes."

Now I need to know if this applies against my +4 maximum attribute boost limit or not.  If it shouldn't stack, specify that in the text ("This boost cannot cause you to exceed the limit of +4 bonus to your attributes").  If it's supposed to stack, call it out as such, and phrase it that you additional dice equal to the pump's rating to tests involving these attributes.

Also, it should not add to Agility, given the effects adrenalin actually has.  If anything it should act as a penalty.
Easiest thing would be to drop this bioware completely, deal with it in a splat book when it's been better thought through. If this implant could provide the benefits it does, it would also render you non-functional.  This is a retro hangover from it's 1990s origins when the mythology of adrenalin was still in it's heyday.  Make it a specialized gland that secretes a new synthesized neo-adrenephrine thingee that does what you want it to (as a successor to the original bioware, made necessary by the number of stroke victims from the first generation version).

Suprathyroid, page 292.

"You get a +1 to your Agility, Body, Reaction, and Strength,"

Clarification needed: Is this a bonus to my rolls or an attribute boost?  The distinction matters.


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