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Link to Sixth World Errata:

Shinobi Killfist:
The actual core rulebook though is yet to appear.

Sadly I cannot help you there as I have as much access as you do currently.
I just didnít see the link to the file anywhere so I posted it.

Good place to post errata items?  Assuming so, here are some of the things I've found that I don't believe I've seen answers for as of posting.  I'll update as I find more.

Posted 8/10/2019
(p.64 Priority Table vs. Priority Selection Examples) In the examples, we have the text "To be honest, she's a little concerned that the 14 attribute points from Priority C will be a little thin..."  This should either be 12 to match the table or the table should be 14 to match the text.  Given the random dropoffs in the table, it seems like the table might be at issue.

(p.66 Spend Customization Karma) Limited to attributes, skills, qualities, and resources.  Characters are unable to bind foci, buy additiontal spells, buy power points, buy magic, or initiate.  Some or all of that might be intentional.  Also, no restrictions on karma carryover.  We can carry up to 70 (50 base + 20 bonus from negative qualities) karma to be used for any of those things immediately after chargen.

(p.66 vs. p.156 PhysAds) As written, PhysAds gain a power point whenever they gain a point of magic, except during chargen.

(p.81, Adept) Too many power points per RAW.

(p.82 Combat Mage) Too many spells per RAW.

(p.88 Street Shaman) Too many spells per RAW.

(p.89 Technomancer) Too many complex forms per RAW.

(p.135 vs. p.156 Combat Sense) The spell Combat Sense adds to DR and surprise test die pools.  The power Combat Sense adds to any defensive tests and always allows a Perception check to avoid surprise.  The PhysAd power is also inconsistent with the spell and inconsistent with the move to "ARvsDR for Edge" system.

(p.185 Host Security and Architecture) Formatting error put the graphic for host structure before the sentence speaking to it, which appears awkwardly on p.186.

Posted 8/15/2019
(p.64 Priority Table) The values for attributes seem really low.  Did the writers really intend for stats of 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 for any Shadowrunner, given E Attributes?  You need D Attributes to even match a PR0 Humanis Goon.

The Qualities section also doesn't explain you are buying them with Karma.  You can figure it out, but it's not explicitly said "you buy Qualities with Karma" in the description of what Qualities are.  The text issues are:

p.39 Qualities text does not explain how you acquire them, only what they are.

p. 66 tells you this about costs:
"Once you have the list, tally up the costs, positive and negative. The limit on qualities at character
creation is this: You canít select more than six total qualities at character creation, and the net
bonus Karma cannot be more than 20."

It never says in that part where you get this Karma.

Skip down to the Karma text below:
"Each character receives 50 Karma to make a little move forward. The points are spent on skill or attribute advancement, as well as additional funds to get those last gear pieces you might have missed or an additional quality"

"Additional" implies there was some other way to get Qualities.  It's never said how you buy them, so as written, it creates some amount of confusion.  I've seen other editions, so I can intuit it, but you need one more sentence in the Qualities section.  That sentence should be

"Once you have the list, tally up the Karma costs, positive and negative. If the total is positive, you pay this cost with your Customization Karma (see below).  If the amount is negative, you gain that amount in additional Customization Karma.  The limit on qualities at character
creation is this: You canít select more than six total qualities at character creation, and the net
bonus Karma cannot be more than 20."


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