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General Discussion / Re: Posters in Berlin core?
« Last post by taranion on <04-11-24/0507:01> »
I would like to point out that there are options to get some posters/illustrations here:
Or here:
General Discussion / Re: Posters in Berlin core?
« Last post by Ragnarok on <04-10-24/1100:19> »
Personally, I like them.  They provide the artistic vibe that help enhance the setting.

If you're dead-set in getting them, why not purchase the pdf version and print the specific pages.  1) It'll save the book from unnecessary mutilation, and 2) Having the pdf allows the printing off of any specific pages for yourself (and others in your group).

Just a thought.
Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: SR:Anarchy page design elements
« Last post by FastJack on <04-08-24/0758:13> »
Check out the Free Stuff on Holostreets. It might not be the same, but if you dress it properly, you can then post as Holostreets material and sell it!
Shadowrun: Anarchy / SR:Anarchy page design elements
« Last post by Lipe82 on <04-07-24/1728:42> »
Just so we can make cool looking homebrew material, is there any pack with the design elements of SR:A? I got the fonts, but that grunge background of the pages would be cool too.

Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Armor Avoidance questions
« Last post by Lipe82 on <04-07-24/0904:38> »
Interestingly, the French edition allows you to keep net hits over the original DV. So, in your example, 6P would apply directly to the PCM, and the remainder would apply as normal (deducting from armour first, if there is any). That seems a little better.

Sorry for such a late reply, but if you could please screenshot or take a picture of the part that says this is ok, I'd be much grateful.
Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Armor in Anarchy
« Last post by Lipe82 on <04-05-24/1517:40> »
I guess the only slightly different aspect here would be the actual ratings.

I don't like the idea of someone willingly striding under heavy fire like they're Black Panther impervious (or Chrome Bison impervious). The idea of glitch die on hit degrading the type of armor also makes it less safe.

On another topic, but for this same game - I've been trying to think ways to make do with less rolling. I already use target hits instead of contested roll against the player's pool on skills; I'm trying to figure out a way to make defense a static number you need to beat as well. Maybe that deserves its own post.
Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Armor in Anarchy
« Last post by Tecumseh on <04-04-24/1832:31> »
Ha, I've been rereading this thread too. I joined an Anarchy game in mid-February and I found myself revisiting this to remind myself what I used to know/think. The game only lasted a month, as generally happens.

Yes, what you're describing is pretty much the same as my Method #2.

The one thing I debate is the best armor:soak ratio. I suggested 3:1, which is what you have here. I can think of arguments for other ratios, but I suppose a lot of it comes down to personal preference about how effective you want armor to be and what sort of balance you like to maintain between offense and defense.

Another possibility is to borrow an idea from 4E and have there be a comparison between the armor rating and the base weapon damage to determine whether the resulting damage is Stun or Physical. Right now in Anarchy all damage erodes armor equally, and after the armor is gone the damage goes to the appropriate Condition Monitor. 

For example, what if we say Light 4, Medium 6, Heavy 8. Then compare those armor ratings to the base weapon damage (before net hits). If the Armor is equal to the incoming damage rating, it converts it from Physical to Stun. That means Light armor will mostly be to defend against melee attacks, while Medium armor could stop pistols, and Heavy armor could soak an assault rifle but not a sniper rifle. Damage could be based on net hits and go straight to the condition monitor determined by the comparison. So you're still getting hit, and you're still taking damage, but maybe a less-lethal type of damage that's easier to endure. Or add net hits to the comparison if you want more Physical damage to encourage folks to retreat more quickly.

Just spitballing.
General Discussion / Re: Thomas Roxborough and cloning
« Last post by Wakshaani on <04-04-24/0237:03> »
Thanks for the infodump. It has been very helpful. So is he still considered out of the box as far as the metaplot is concerned going forward? Even without the official reveal?

Yeah, he's up and about and doing things, but for the most part has just been seen being super-hedonist.... he's not looking for revenge right now as much as he's just enjoying having a body again, so it's sex, food, drugs, whatever. He's got a lot of LIFE that he missed out on, so he's going for it, HARD, right now.

Of course, the real question is when he finally gets his fill and decides to get some revenge ...

General Discussion / Re: Thomas Roxborough and cloning
« Last post by FastJack on <04-03-24/2306:55> »
Yes, the reveal was official. We're just missing the set-up to the reveal.
Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Armor in Anarchy
« Last post by Lipe82 on <04-03-24/2257:15> »
Sorry to necropost, but I have been preparing a game recently and this post came to mind.

On top of all the cool suggestions in this thread, I did think about...
Some alternative armor ideas.

IDEA: Armor reduces DAMAGE CODE.
LOGIC: Armor protects against the gun, leaving the bulk of damage to the attacker's talent.
It's basically an auto-soak, but net successes would dictate how strong the attack was instead of gunpower alone.
Initially I thought Light 2, Medium 3, Heavy 4; so an Ares Predator (6P) would deal 4P, 3P or 2P respectively (plus net successes as usual), applied straight into the CM.
ARMOR DAMAGE: upon P hit, target rolls a glitch die; glitch means the armor became one grade lower, until broken/fubar; ignore Armor hitboxes completely.

Less bookkeeping, no extra rolls, combat favors attack over defence. May need to adjust armor values.
All feedback is most welcome.
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