What Can't you use Adept Centering on?

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« Reply #15 on: <07-24-14/1354:37> »
Would you suggest that a melee attacker get to do something like a "reckless attack" action as an option?  Something like that might confer a decrease to the defense pool of the attacker for a single Initiative Pass or something similar.

Well, there's already sort of something like that in the "full offense" action from Run & Gun.

I think of number of people in different threads, and an idea I had myself, separately (great minds think alike) is something like a "hasty melee" attack.  Alternatively, for unarmed, you could call it a "jab" or "snap kick", I don't know what you'd call it in fencing. 

Basically just -3 to dice pool to do the attack as a simple action -- additionally I'd think it reasonable to say you can't split the attack like normal, not that most people would with the reduced pool.  This is based off of the quick spellcasting idea.

This does a lot to create better parity between the melee guys and firearms folks.  There's a lot of things just aren't a problem for a firearms guy -- drawing a weapon, called shots & centering, activating various adept powers that require a simple action, that are a HUGE deal for melee guys. 


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« Reply #16 on: <07-24-14/1919:02> »
Reasonableness may not be a universal constant, but for the ability to use Centering with further free actions to vary based on what the Centering action is, and thus for the Centering action to be chosen on the basis of that issue and not as much on a character basis seems to me like it should be unreasonable to anyone.  Centering and Adept Centering should be equally useful for any mage or adept of a given initiate grade, regardless of the action chosen.

In principle, absolutely.  It's a benefit bought and paid for and should apply evenly.  But it's kind of hard for me to equate a kiai shout (one of the all-time classic adept centering techniques) interfering with any combat action (well, except hiding) while having ukulele playing not interfere with nearly every one of them.   ;D

 As Martin and I said, though: it's a GM call and you shouldn't count on it unless you've cleared it ahead of time.

Otherwise, what wouldn't combine with Called Shot? It's basically a mental or aim thing.

Honestly, if I had my druthers, Call Shot wouldn't even be an action, just a voluntary penalty.  R&G even implies that certain called shots are intended to be taken with the Multiple attacks action (Sidebar p139) and Adept Centering was only turned into a free action in this edition.  But I have no authority beyond my own table so that's neither here nor there.


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« Reply #17 on: <06-14-21/0254:17> »
I forgot calling a shot was a free action.  That really nerfs it for melee attacks, another instance in which melee attacks being a complex action is sorta a weird throwback.

It depends on the centering technique and the GM, really.  Multiple free actions are permissible with GM approval if they are logically compatible.

Which really just means to either clear it with your GM in a home game, or not assume it'll be allowed at a Convention game.

As a GM I'd say they need the Perfect Time Quality to take more than one Free Action. Otherwise it nullifies that Quality.