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Positive Metagenetic Quality
Functional Wings
15-20 BP

The character possesses a pair of wings capable of sustaining her in flight through an innate manipulation of mana similar to that of Oriental Drakes. This grants the character access to the "Flight" skill described on page 292 of SR4A. Flight speed is double normal speeds for that character.

A character who is interrupted (by a successful attack that does more than (body) damage) in flight must make an Reaction + Flight (3) test to avoid falling to the ground. In cases of higher altitudes, the threshold of stabilization can be lowered to reflect having more time to stabilize.

A character with wings may use them to slow a fall, adding her ranks in Flight to the dice pool to resist fall damage.

Takeoff is considered a complex action, and requires a Strength + Flight (2) test, applying appropriate modifiers.  As the wings mostly use mana for lift rather than air, background count applies modifiers equal to the background count to flight tests. More mana in the air, more to fly on. Less mana, harder to fly. This manipulation of mana is only capable of the wings themselves. They do not grant a character a magic attribute without purchase of the appropriate quality. The wings themselves do not accept cyber/bioware, and any implants reduce the wings' ability to fly. This doesn't mean the wings themselves have an essence rating, it's just a balance thing. Also, injuries to the wings equal to body or more means the winged character cannot fly until the wings are healed.

Purchasing Wings also gives the "Distinctive Style" quality, but does not give the points for said quality.

Wings may grant social test modifiers depending on things like wing shape, wing color, character metatype and the other person's personal views. For instance, some people might see a person with feathery wings and believe them to be angelic, while others may see them as abominations attempting to impersonate divine creatures and so on.

Wings come in various styles similar to those found in nature: Feathery, leathery, and insectoid.

A character attempting to carry heavy objects receives a modifier to flight tests appropriate to the weight and bulk of the object. Metahuman bodies for example, give a modifier equal to -(body).

Wings make most body armor and other clothing unwearable, causing a +200% cost to body armor to allow for customization.

For 15 BP, the character possesses wings that are not under her complete control, similar to that of a balance tail. The wings may twitch, ruffle, and stretch according to cues such as stress, offense, fear and so on, granting +1 for others to gauge the character's emotional state.

For 20 BP, the character has complete control over her wings, and also receives a +1 to flight tests.


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You went too overboard on the additional cost for clothes and armor. The standard cost increase for larger and smaller metahumans (125% cost--not +125% or more) is sufficient.
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and insectoid.
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This is really, really over-thinking things... you're basically giving them the same kind of Flight Pixies have, and then nerfing it all to hell. No other flying creature needs a "take-off" test... nor do they suffer any falling damage unless they fail a Flight check when they go over the edge unexpectedly.

Actually, pretty much every single thing you've written about the specifics of how the wings should be handled is an unneeded screw-job, since Flight rules are already covered in the books. All you have to do is point people to the right page.

The difference between the 15-20 BP version is also rather pointless, since wing posture is just plain part of body-language to begin with, like any other limb. Having the 15 BP version be Ground Speed x2 and 20 BP be Ground Speed x3 would make way more sense.
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I agree with Dude here. Remember the KISS principle, and apply it to everything you do. The more complicated you make things, the worse off everyone involved will be.
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