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Lax is a spell making its way around stealth-based magician circles as a simple and quiet way to get a guard or two to vacate their posts, or to distract said guard(s) from persuing. Any metahuman hit by Lax  suddenly has the urge to relieve their bowels and make a trip to the toilet. Should the force of the spell exceed the body of a target, they will be forced to empty their bowels on the spot. In either case, the target feels extreme discomfort, (which causes a -(force) to all actions until either the effect or the bowels have passed.

Targets affected by Lax make a willpower test every (force) combat turns to reduce the effect of the spell.

Targets who have not eaten within four hours of being affected may add one half their willpower (round up) to reduce the discomfort.

Manipulation Spell
[Type: M] [Range: LOS] [Duration: P] Cost: f/2+2
Mass Lax
[Type: M] [Range: LOS(Area)] [Duration: P] Cost: F/2+2

I had one player make this spell to use as a distraction against targets who don't like him. He found that it's a good idea to never be between a troll and the toilet.


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Nice idea, maybe call it 'tourista'.  ;)  Just your drain value is the same for both versions.  The one target version should have less drain than the multi-version.
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Its funny, but make it -(net hits). Just -(force) is too powerful and not in line with similar spells.


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someone already invented this on dumpshock:

Nature's Call (Realistic, Single-Sense)
Type: M | Range: LOS | Duration: S | DV: (F/2)-2
Halftime (Realistic, Single-Sense, Area)
Type: M | Range: LOS (A) | Duration: S | DV: (F/2)
This spell induces the strong feeling of the need to use the bathroom. While it's great for pranks at school or camp, this spell is also a great way to distract your enemies. Each net hit scored by the caster applies a -1 dice pool modifier to all of the target's actions as they contemplate a potty dance. At the gamemaster's discretion, a character who suffers a dice pool modifier higher than his Willpower is convinced of their need and may leave their post (if any).
Nature's Call affects a single target, Halftime is area effect.


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I wrote a spell like this for my Aztec themed character named "Montezuma's revenge" in reference to the colloquial name for diarrhea gotten from eating/drinking the water in mexico as a tourist.