[Resource][Quality] Uncouth Variants

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Drekhead - 10bp
The character is an intolerable jerkwad. He is treated as incompetent in Con, Etiquette, Leadership and Negotiation, unless he may buy these skills at double standard bp or karma cost. For purposes of resisting other characters Social skills, he may substitute one-half his ranks in Intimidate for any of the above skills.

The character is socially awkward and shy. He may not have a Social skill with ranks higher than 3, and may only use his Social skills in resistance, knowledge, or similar passive tests.

Escapist +5bp
This trait may only be taken by characters with the Uncouth, Drekhead, or Wallflower qualities. It allows those characters to purchase social skills as normal, though these standard-priced, unhindered Social skills may only be may only used in Matrix activities. To use them in meatspace rewuires purchasing the same skills separately, following the restrictoons set for by Uncouth, Drekhead, or Wallflower as appropriate.


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I Like it. better then flat out uncouth
always Double Tap.
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