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What would you like to see in a gm tool?

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Adding chat features... Personally, I will not do that, simply because that's not something I would use it for. For online gaming, I really like fantasy grounds (even if it's not free, but there's a nice Shadowrun ruleset for it ;)).

But as the new version of the tool will be heavily plugin-based (almost everything will be a plugin) it should be possible for someone else to add a chat-plugin, perhaps even allowing the image viewer not to show the images on a 2nd screen, but on the other chat clients (I already though of making the target screen a plugin, too).

Oh, and Dino: I'm coding in Java :)

It would be neat to have random map generator but that sounds like alot of work. Mostly I work off relationship maps and outlines.

A timeline/agenda of the adventure's events.
To know when the characters get the infos they asked to their contacts, when an extented tasks end, note something about events, and so. I used time a lot when I was mastering the third edition, I put a broken watch on the table, which I could set to the current time, but it was far from the tools I was dreaming of.

Hm, I don't quite get the concept, as time really flows differently on the table and in the game. Could you explain this a little bit further?

(But when I first misread your comment, I thought "Hm, a campaign journal would be a nice idea" :)).

Several of the above suggestions are great. 

One thing I'd like as a GM (other than many of the above tools/resources) would be a game calendar for keeping track of PC  & NPC downtime.

Another would be random NPC generators with names, attributes, etc.  This would probably be split in two... one for NPC/contacts so that when a PC bribes random_guard_01 and then wants to contact him again down the road with more bribes for info or something I have a quick set of names, stats, etc.  The other half would be for random gangers, corp sec, other shadowteams, etc.  For this half the latter should scale....  It would be nice to have a green red samurai team, a "regular" team, and an elite anti-shadowrunner team statted out with gear, cyber, etc.


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