[Online] LFG Shadowrun 4E preferably

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Hello.  I've been a long time player of many RPGs over the past 30+ years.  I started with D&D and have moved on to many many many other games.  I personally prefer modern to futuristic games.  I'm currently in a group that gathers on Saturdays at a friend's house and we are heavily into playing Star Wars at this current point in time for the past few years.  I'm kind of getting tired of it because the GM(s) either wants us to play force sensitive(Jedi) of some kind or wants to play as Rebels (or at least be "helpful" towards them).  I don't really care for Jedi and their goodie two shoes attitude and I don't really care playing during the time of Rebels and the Empire (or play in that time, but neither has an affect on the game).  I prefer to play as outlaws or something like how Firefly was brought to us.  This is where Shadowrun/Cyberpunk comes in.

I've played many editions of Shadowrun, starting with the 1st edition.  I feel that it is probably one of my favorite settings/games that I've played of all time.  It has been a several years since I last played the real game.  I do not consider Anarchy Shadowrun.  While I personally know the author/creator of that game, and he is a great guy, but the game was just bad.  I played it once and it left a really bad taste in my mouth towards Shadowrun.  So, I will not play that game, ever, again.  The last version I played was 4E, which is the version I can remember mostly.  It might be rusty, but I think it will come back to me in a quick turnaround.  So, this is where I would prefer to start looking for a play.  And as I kind of hinted above, I don't prefer to play in a game where our runners are "goodie two shoes".  I am looking for a group that since we are all adults (or we should be), that the theme be adult in nature.  If we get into a fire fight and someone throws a grenade in an elevator full of people (whether they be enemies, friends or just innocent bystanders) that they end up being chunky salsa and they don't miraculously all survive being turned into that.  Or if I or the group walks into a strip joint, that the details are not watered down to where there is hardly a description of the place and what is happening.

I live on the East Coast of the United States and I can play most evenings other than Saturdays, as that is where my in person group gathers and plays. Thank you for your time.