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--- Quote from: Kubz on ---As a green DM, I was having similar problems as señormysterioso.  one piece of advice was that if everyone is new to the game, feel free to fudge things like dice rolls.  obviously you need to progress and learn, not just BS your way through SR or else your players wont take you seriously. 

i like walk through walls idea of doing a run where the characters arent set in stone but the karma and loot are still available.  thanx walk through walls!!

also, where would be an good place to post characters?  i love the art of character building

--- End quote ---
There isn't a place yet. Some have expressed and interest, however. I'd recommend either PM'ing JM Hardy to create a subforum, or create a new topic in a forum that seems appropriate.

The best advice I got is not try and make your players turn right because thats where you planned for them to go right. I always let them go left then left then left, and before they know it they are going right!

Walks Through Walls:
Very true Wayfinder. Besides that you never know what might come out of those left turns. Sometimes the best recurring NPCs or plot lines come along by accident.

Three lefts, that's awesome. Thanks for all the advice. You all have lots of good ideas. I think I am gonna try and run a game that is a sort of intro into a bigger plot. I will go with the idea of letting players keep the loot and rebuild their characters, sounds good. I will probably use missions to get some practice. Maybe start with SRM3-02 Block War?

I agree with the bulk of what folks have recommended.  Keep the action moving, brush up on the core rules for combat, skill resolution and such, and don't get bogged down with game mechanical details.

I do, however, want to recommend that you actually take a shot at creating those first runs for yourself.  Feel free to borrow big chunks of it from Missions and other published material if that makes things easy for you.  But I think that creating the runs yourself is good for two reasons.

1)  It's a skill you'll be drawing on for the whole of your GMing career, and it's never too soon to start.

2)  If you put the runs together yourself, this gives you the freedom to get the game rolling without having to master all the rules up front.  Not clear on how rigging works?  Then avoid drones and vehicle chases.  Still learning the ropes on the Matrix rules?  Then start the hacking off easy with simple nodes and low-stakes cybercombat.  The Missions material may assume that you possess more familiarity with all the various game mechanics than you can be expected to as a newbie.

Your mileage may vary, of course.  But that's the strategy I used when I first started GMing Shadowrun about a year ago, and it served me well.


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