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I have long enjoyed crunchiness in my Shadowrun. That being said, I came up with rules for clothing costs (this began back when you could buy 'standard clothing' for 50•, business clothing for something like 100•, and high fashion for 500• or 1000•) as well as a spreadsheet for easy figuring of lifestyle costs. While the 5e Lifestyle rules have some nice things (like the Discreet Cleaning Service, etc.) I feel it falls down on numerous others (why do I need to have to pay for a garage when I can simply say X amount of space in my lifestyle is given over to a vehicle?) and have, as a consequence, not yet integrated these things.

You can find the (editable!!) spreadsheet here. I do have a backup, just in case some damn fool screws it up and deletes everything. I THINK I have it properly protected, but if you can't put information in and get some reasonable result back, let me know.
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