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Since I both am playing a rigger, as well as using them in a SR campaign as a GM I decided to create a guide for riggers that is as complete as possible
Rules, options, explanations, hints and tips. Its all there in a 5 page pdf file.

I used texts from the crb, posts on this forum, etc.. to compile all this file, which should now contain anything you need to know when playing a rigger. The only things I didnt add were weapons and mods.

Hope you'll find this usefull.

In the near future I will also add a Deckers Guide and a Mage/Adept Guide. The first is a good bit done, the second still in the making.

NOTE: Should this document contain anything that I am not allowed to post here please let me know so I can take it down and change that to turn it into a legal document. I am only trying to help others like me in having good and usuable guides for the improvement and enhancement of the game and the fun there is to have in that.
Note 2: Other then this obivously being Shadowrun and therefore Catalyst Gamelabs property I have no other credits in the document even though I used parts of posts on this forum that contained explanations of the rules.
SInce several different persons have posted parts of it all in a myriad of posts and I don't recall where I got it all from exactly it would be to much work to find out. SHould you find something written by you in this document, please let me know I'll be happy to credit you.

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I notice you haven't amended the RCC stats.
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Thanks, I added the German info but left the original table in so everyone can choose what to use.
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