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Title: [6E] Spirts Excel File
Post by: Aria on <05-14-21/0803:56>
Thought I'd share this as I find it useful to just plug a number in to excel and have it do all the calculations for me...

<6E Spirits Generator> (

It's formatted for RPG Crossing but below is what the output looks like copy/paste directly to Shadowgrid:

Spirit of Air        Force     4                        
   Bod|   Agi|   Rea|   Str|   Will|   Log|   Int|   Cha|   Ess|   Magic   
   2|    4|    6|    2|    4|    4|    5|    4|    4|    4   
   DR|   I/ID|   AI/ID|   AC|   CM|   Move               
   2|    12+2D |   8+3D |   A1 I3 |   10 |    5/10/+5               
Skills: Astral, Athletics, Close Combat, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Perception                                 
Powers: Accident, Astral Form, Concealment, Confusion, Engulf (Air), Materialization, Movement, Sapience, Search                                 
Optional Powers: Elemental Attack (Cold), Elemental Attack (Electricity), Energy Aura, Fear, Guard, Noxious Breath, Psychokinesis                                  
Attacks: Elemental Attack [DV 4P, AR 8/6/-/-/-], Engulf [DV 6S + Fatigue I, AR 9/-/-/-/-]