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Title: Gaming Podcasts
Post by: Stan on <09-04-10/2327:49>
Do people have any favorite gaming podcasts they'd like to recommend? Whether centered around Shadowrun or otherwise, what do you all like to listen to?

Title: Re: Gaming Podcasts
Post by: Mooncrow on <09-05-10/0416:24>
The Hidden Grid ( is a pretty good one for SR, though I haven't heard anything new from him in a while.

This ( is a pretty good site for finding more.
Title: Re: Gaming Podcasts
Post by: Casazil on <09-05-10/1630:29>
The Firaxis website has several up on the upcomeing Civ 5
Title: Re: Gaming Podcasts
Post by: Zendead on <09-22-10/1741:57>
Still around I just got an update done. Explaining a bit of things. So now I am back and working really hard on making it a regular thing more then it ever has been in the past. I want to do a few different things with the show so stay tuned listeners and I will try to fill people in.