a runner like no other: 5ed humen ex Majestic 12

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a very angery werefox

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« on: <01-07-14/2343:58> »
i was bord makeing cookie cutter guys an am trying to make a far out there char. my ida is a mj12 field opritive who got to old knew to much and was retired with a 45 to the head in the midle of nowhere . he was found by a fammily of sinless orks and taken to a decent doc . when he recoverd he repayed the orks by pulling a few strings and geting them sins. he gos by the name king bishop but many runners who seek him out for his uniqe skills call him smith a nod to a populer pre awakeing movie charcter. robotic and seemingly uncareing he is in trute non of those things he is humena a and charasmatic able to make people see his way and deter armed conflcts. he runs the shadows like a unseen angel fighting for hopes and dreams long left for dead. he knows one day man will face a dark a evil force from beyound the stars . when it comes he will stand aginst it with a suit and tie a pistol and a fistfull of goverment approved augs. race d . skill b . attributs a. money c. magice e. any recomed builds for this guy. thank you for your time.


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sounds like a fairly standard street sam build to me but with some face skills as a secondary. shouldnt be too hard to build. have a go and we'll review him when you've got a draft up


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« Reply #2 on: <01-12-14/0028:52> »
What are his "unique skills"?


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As I understand it, the way things are now in SR5, the balance has swung in favor of the cybered face.

a very angery werefox

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« Reply #4 on: <01-12-14/2050:48> »
Well i was planing to make a gun fu face an unique  skills are energe weapons an black listed info. he allso makes a mean steak. sorry if m'y typings Bad im on a phone That typs whatever it wants.