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« on: <09-14-10/2131:18> »
The way I would like to run it is similar to how Inca is doing The Road to Redmond with an Out of Character past section and an In Character post section. I'm going to assume the team has worked together in the past or at least knows each other a bit. We'll use invisible castles for the dice rolling. I'm going to try and emphasis the role playing aspect of the game.

So as characters I have:

Father Twilight

If there is one more posted in the next day I'll add them in, but for now this is it and here we go
"Walking through walls isn't tough..... if you know where the doors are."
"It's not being seen that is the trick."

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« Reply #1 on: <09-14-10/2207:52> »
I'm gonna go ahead and stick my character over here to make things easy on me. :D

Sooo excited!

If anyone needs me to change anything about my IC post please let me know.
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Name: Lucan Bordeaux
Alias: Joker, Snooze, Snoozey
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Low (2 Months Paid)
Karma Spent: 0

Physical Description:
Joker has unkempt, unremarkable brown hair. He’s about 5’11” with a relatively light complexion and a thin, somewhat athletic build. One might guess his age around early twenties.

“Once upon a time there was a crime syndicate and in that syndicate there was a lieutenant named Lucan. Lucan fell in love with the boss’s daughter and together they made plans to steal her father’s money to start a new life far away.
When it came time to do what they had planned, Lucan stole the boss’s stash and met with his love, but she would not go with him. So he fled to Seattle alone, escaping the life he hated, but losing the one he loved.”

Timeline Notes: Lucan was born in 2049. His parents were shadowrunners. When they disappeared in 2061, he was left to look after himself and his younger sister until she passed away in 2066. He left Montreal arrived in Seattle in 2071.

Personality Notes: Joker aka Snoozey is a lovable rogue with a penchant for tardiness. Despite his lazy nature, he is good at what he does. He’s an excellent shot, he’s clever, and he’s charming. His reputation among shadowrunners varies. Some praise him, while others question his reliability.


Body: 4(5)
Agility: 5(7)
Reaction: 3(5)
Strength: 1(3)
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 4
Essence: 1.52
Initiative: 9
Init Passes: 2

Positive Qualities:
Ambidextrous (5 BP) The character can use and handle objects equally well with both hands. The character does not suffer any modifiers for using an off-hand weapon. When using two weapons at once, however, the character must still split his dice pool.

Tough as Nails (10 BP) A character with this power has formidable physical endurance
and can take much more punishment than one would expect from someone of her size. This quality adds an additional 1 boxes to the character’s Physical Condition monitor.

Martial arts: Firefight R2 (10 BP) Reduce the ranged combat “attacker in melee combat” modifier by 2.

→Two Weapon Style
A character using this maneuver has trained to wield a second
melee weapon in his off hand. In order to use two weapons, each
weapon must have a Reach of 0 or 1.
The character may choose to apply the Full Defense option
using only one of these weapons, attacking with the other weapon
as normal (and without sacrificing an action). The defense or attack
action with the off -hand weapon suffers the standard –2 off -hand
weapon modifier.

A character with Riposte who successfully parries or blocks
a melee combat attack may make an immediate attack on his attacker, even if it is not her Action Phase in the turn. Making a riposte is considered an interrupt action, however, and uses up the
character’s next available action.

This maneuver allows the character to step inside an opponent’s reach and get up close and personal. The character can choose to make a melee attack and if successful, she engages her opponent in a clinch rather than dealing damage. While clinched, both characters’ Reach bonuses are negated. To break the clinch and move away, a character must succeed at a Strength + Body Opposed Test, which costs a Complex Action.

A character with this maneuver has trained in attacking multiple targets or with two weapons at once. Apply a +1 dice pool modifier to the total dice pool (not the split dice pools) whenever the character attacks more than one opponent in the same action or attacks with two melee weapons at once.

Negative Qualities:

Enemy: Small Montreal Syndicate +10BP
Wanted: Bounty +10BP
Flashbacks: Lost Loved Ones +10BP
In Debt: Criminal +5BP

Active Skills:
Pistols 6
Clubs 4
Unarmed 2
Dodge 4
Perception 3
Stealth 4
Escape Artist 1
Locksmith 1
Influence 3

Knowledge Skills:
Firearm Design[Pistols 1
Action Trideos 2
Security Procedures 2
Security Devices 2

Language Skills:
English N
French 4

Alphaware Datajack
Alphaware Cybereyes 1
→Alphaware Flare Compensation
→Alphaware Low Light Vision
→Alphaware Vision Enhancement 2
Alphaware Plastic Bone Lacing
Alphaware Wired Reflexes 1
Alphaware Muscle Replacement 2
Alphaware Reaction Enhancers 2

Victory Globetrotter Line Jacket (6/4)
Securitech Personal Protection Piecemail: Forearm Guards, Shin Guards, Arm Casings, and Vitals Protector (1/4, Stacks with other armor.)
Form-fitting Armor: Full-body Suit (6/2, Stacks with other armor, 3/1 for purposes of encumberment.)
Fake SIN 3 (Private Life): Alexander Whitman
→Increased Cylinder License 4
→Small Firing Selection Change License 4
→Ruger Super Warhawk License 4
→Regular Ammo License 4
→Morrissey Elan License 4
→Stick-n-Shock Ammo License 4
→Lockpick Set License 4
→Thermal Smoke Grenade License 4
→Muscle Replacement License 4
→Reaction Enhancers License 4
→Wired Reflexes License 4
→Concealed Carry License 4
→Flechette Ammo License 4
Fake SIN 3 (Work Life): Luc Lebeau
→Increased Cylinder License 4
→Small Firing Selection Change License 4
→Ruger Super Warhawk License 4
→Morrissey Elan License 4
→Regular Ammo License 4
→Stick-n-Shock Ammo License 4
→Lockpick Set License 4
→Thermal Smoke Grenade License 4
→Muscle Replacement License 4
→Reaction Enhancers License 4
→Wired Reflexes License 4
→Concealed Carry License 4
→Flechette Ammo License 4
x2 Modification 6 Ruger Super Warhawks (Semi Automatic, Recoil Compensation 1, Holds 11 Shots, Don’t take damage from being used as a melee weapon. Their irregular double cylinders make it impossible to use a standard speed loader. )
→x2 Simple Firing Selection Change
→x2 Melee Hardening
→x2 Increased Cylinder
→x2 Underbarrel Weapon: Ruger Super Warhawk
→x2 Shock Pads
→x2 Quickdraw Holsters
→x66 Regular Ammo
→x10 Flechette Ammo
x2 Morrissey Elans
→x2 Hidden Gun Arm Slide
→x20 Stick-n-Shock Ammo
x4 Thermal Smoke Grenades
Survival Knife
Lighter & Smokes
Lockpick Set
Wire Clippers
Micro Transceiver 6
Novatech Airware
→Novatech Navi
→Sim Module
→Sim Recordings
→VR Games
→x4 Virtual Person

Daihatsu-Caterpillar Horseman
→Advanced Cargo Module
→Morphing License Plate
→Spoof Chip
→Smart Tires

Otto (Gearhead/Fixer): Connection 2, Loyalty 4
Maxine (Fixer) Connection 3, Loyalty 3
Amy (Doc) Connection 3 Loyalty 4
Montreal Crime Syndicate: Mod. Connection 5, Incidence 5
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« Reply #3 on: <09-14-10/2230:59> »
Name: Dinivin Telanesci
Alias: Father Twilight
Race: Human
Nationality: UCAS (Italian descent)
Lifestyle: Medium
Karma Spent:0
Physical Description:
Standing 6’ even with a fit, trim form Father Twilight cuts an imposing figure to some, a comforting figure to others. He dresses in the ecclestial robes of a catholic priest, covered by a black leather duster jacket with a large golden cross tucked beneath his holy robes. His hair is black as the sins he preaches against and his eyes are a vivid blue that bring to mind a summer sky. He wears a pair of spectacles perched on his nose, which always tend to slide down in a manner akin to that you would expect of a doddering scholar. Yet when the eyes behind those glasses fix on you it feels as though he can see the sinful thoughts burgeoning within you and is weighing the balance of your soul. He constantly carries a Bible with him, though he rarely pulls it out.

Dinivin Telanesci was once an aspiring priest of the catholic church. However when he began to espouse the use of magic in religious rituals and that the holy mother church should begin actively recruiting the awakened to their ranks he was cast out of the fold of the faithful, told that such things were not to be and that it was rank heresy to suggest it. When he continued to preach his beliefs in his private life he found himself the target of shadow runners hired by the holy church to silence his heresies. A band of runners entered his home and proceeded to beat him bloody, and pumped two bullets into him in an attempt to ensure he was finished. Fortunately for Dinivin the runners were unaware that his magical studies had delved into the healing arts, and he was able to save himself when he came to, which occurred as he struck the frigid waters of Seattle’s harbor. Since then he has kept up the act that Dinivin Telanesci died that night, and has become the shadow runner Father Twilight, working to use his magic as he feels the church should have, and hungry for the chance to exact revenge on the church should there ever be a contract offered on them.

Attributes (240)

Body: 3(20)

Positive Qualities: (25)
Astral Chameleon(5)
Mentor Spirit(5) Fire-Bringer(Seraphim)

Negative Qualities: (+35)
Sensitive system +15
SINner +5
Severe Allergy to Silver +15

Active Skills: (122)
Conjuring Skill Group 3
-Banishing 3
Binding 3
Summoning 3
Sorcery Skill Group 4
-Counterspelling 4
-Ritual Spellcasting 4
-Spellcasting 4
Astral Combat 4
Perception 2
Assensing 4
Pistols 3

Knowledge Skills: (21 free)
Magic theory: 4
Astral research: 5
Relisous doctrine: 5
Theology: 3
Religious groups: 2

Language Skills:
English: N
Latin: 2


Complex Forms:

Registered Sprites:

Spells:  (24)
Analyze Truth
Mind Probe
Physical Barrier

Tradition: Christian(priest channeling magic through prayer to God and the angels, thus spirits summoned are embodiments of the angels above and spells are miracles granted by God)
Spirits types:
Combat: Fire
Detection: Air
Health: Earth
Illusion: Water
Manipulation: Man
Drain Attribute: Willpower+Charisma

Foci: (3)
Banishing Foci (Power 3) golden cross

Bound Spirits: (3)
Fire Spirit(force 5) 3 services owed

Gear: 38,725 Nuyen  (BP 8 for 40,000 nuyen)
Fake SIN (R5) Michael Delascoe
Fake SIN (R5) Gabriel Veracone
Magical Lodge(5)
Healing Fetish(prayer beads)
-low light
Novatech airware
Iris orb
Lined Coat
Remington Roomsweeper
Concealable holster
Regular ammo(100)
Flechette ammo(100)
Middle Lifestyle (2 months)
Banishing Foci(3)


Contacts: (10)
Fixer 2/3
Talismonger 2/3


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« Reply #4 on: <09-14-10/2240:43> »
walk, you want me to add names to my contacts? Wasn't sure if the GM would designate their names(like happens in the RL ones I been in) or if I do it.

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« Reply #5 on: <09-15-10/1832:20> »
If you have names go for it or if not I'll name them at some point
"Walking through walls isn't tough..... if you know where the doors are."
"It's not being seen that is the trick."

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« Reply #6 on: <09-15-10/1839:44> »
What's "the Mogul"? I'm assuming it's some kind of restaurant or lounge. Does Joker know? If not can he look it up?

edit: Read your IC post. It's a bar. :) Thanks.
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« Reply #7 on: <09-15-10/1855:27> »
It is an Indian Restaurant in Bellvue. It is actually in the Seattle 2072 book if you happen to have it. The info in there on it would be public knowledge
"Walking through walls isn't tough..... if you know where the doors are."
"It's not being seen that is the trick."

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« Reply #8 on: <09-15-10/1857:38> »
For the record, the books I have access to are Shadowrun 4th edition book, Runner's Havens, and Arsenal

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« Reply #9 on: <09-15-10/1927:22> »
Not a problem. I don't mind telling details just not critical for this scene and thought if he wanted all the details and had the book he could look it up
"Walking through walls isn't tough..... if you know where the doors are."
"It's not being seen that is the trick."

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« Reply #10 on: <09-15-10/1933:08> »
I have most the books, but not that one. I'll try to get it soon.


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« Reply #11 on: <09-16-10/1240:29> »
Name: Treece Braxdon
Alias: Axe
Race: Ork
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Low
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: 5’ 11, 210 lbs., black hair

With his greasy black hair and 5¥ vending machine flats, Axe is no different from the thousands of other low-life scum filling the streets.  Born into yet-another undocumented ork litter, Axe’s unpromising childhood took a turn for the better with a fake SIN that opened the door to citizenship and schooling.  Unfortunately, he largely squandered the opportunity.  School was mind-numbingly boring, and his class time was spent hacking the PANs of his holier-than-thou classmates.  Eventually he was caught, of course, and his repeated suspensions finally resulted in expulsion.  Now a dropout living life day-to-day, Axe makes any nuyen he can by cracking copy protections and illegally updating programs.  He is extremely bitter toward society’s “upper crust”, and loathes the metahuman haters.

Attributes: (200BP)
Body: 4 (0)
Agility: 3 (20)
Reaction: 5 (40)
Strength: 3 (0)
Charisma: 2 (10)
Intuition: 5 (40)
Logic: 5 (40)
Willpower: 3 (20)
Edge: 4 (30)
Magic: 0
Essence: 4.325
Physical and AR Initiative/passes - - 10/1
Cold VR Initiative/passes - - 11/2
Hot VR initiative/passes    - - 11/3

Positive Qualities: (30BP)
Codeslinger – Hacking on the Fly
Exceptional Attribute (Logic) (20)

Negative Qualities: (+20BP)
Addiction, mild (BTL) (+5)
Addiction, mild (media junkie) (+5)
Vindictive (+10)

Active Skills: (128 BP)
Cracking Skill Group – 4 (40)
Electronic Skill Group – 4 (40)
Mechanic Skill Group – 2 (20)
Perception – 4 (16)
Pistols – 2 (8 BP)
Pilot Ground craft – 1 (4)

Knowledge Skills: (27 Free BP)
Corporate Matrix Security Procedures – 5
Operating Systems – 5
Seattle Roads and Transportation – 4
Seattle Hacker Underworld – 4
Seattle Safe Houses – 4

Language Skills:
English (‘l33tspeak) – N (2)
Or’ Zet – 3

Gear: (28BP / 140,000¥)

Cyberware: (28,000)
Cyber Eyes Basic (R4) (0.5 E) [7/16] - - 1,500
- Low Light [2] - - 1,000
- Thermographic [2] - - 1,000
- Smartlink [3] - - 1,000
Commlink with BTL/ Hot Sim Mod (0.4E) - - 7,000
Control Rig (0.5E) - - 10,000
Datajack (0.1E) - - 500
Datalock (Encryption 5) (0.1E) - - 6,000

Bioware: - - (10,000¥)
Sleep Regulator (0.15E) - - 10,000

Gear: - - (15,550¥)
AR Gloves - - 250
Armor Vest (6/4) - - 600
Biometric Reader - - 200
Subvocal Microphone - - 50
Hardware Tool Kit - - 500
Medkit (R6) - - 600
Fake SIN #1 R4 – William Hartnell - - 4,000
Fake SIN #2 R4 – Patrick Troughton - - 4,000
Fake License R4 (ID = SIN #2) - - 400
Hammerli 620S - - 650
Ammo, regular, 6c [x10 clips] - - 200
Low lifestyle (2 months prepaid) - - 4,000
Bank Safety Deposit Box (1 year, ID = SIN 1) - - 100 (Contains backup of all programs - copy protection hacked)

Commlink: - - (9,750¥)
Erika Elite+ (R3/S4) - - 2,500
Response 5 Upgrade - - 1,750
Signal 5 Upgrade - - 500
5 – Firewall, 5 – System - - 5,000

Programs: - - (73,700¥)
Agent R4 - - 10,000
Armor – 6 - - 6,000
Attack – 6 - - 6,000
Data Bomb – 2 - - 1,000
Decrypt – 6 - - 6,000
ECCM – 6 - - 6,000
Exploit – 6 - - 6,000
Sniffer – 6 - - 6,000
Spoof – 6 - - 6,000
Stealth – 6 - - 6,000
Track – 6 - - 6,000

Analyze – 6    - - 600
Browse – 6    - - 600
Command – 6 - - 600
Edit – 6 - - 600
Encrypt – 6 - - 600
Reality Filter – 6 - - 600
Scan – 6 - - 600

Clearsight (optimization 1) – 4 - - 2,250
Defense (optimization 1) – 4 - - 2,250

Drones: - - (3,000¥)
Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer (R3) - - 1,000
Firewall – 5, System – 5 upgrade - - 0
MCT Fly-Spy (R3) - - 2,000
Firewall – 5, System – 5 upgrade - - 0

Contacts: (14BP)
Seattle Hacker Underworld (organization) C 4 / L 4
Fixer C 3 / L 3


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« Reply #12 on: <09-16-10/2102:13> »
Am I the only one wondering where Rockstar is?  :D


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« Reply #13 on: <09-17-10/0808:05> »
Hi all.
I'm pretty new to this but if your willing I'm up to having a go.

Basic character concept is a cross betwene a face and covert ops.
Code name: Waratah (Fancy that)

I've probably got a few things wrong but if you have the time, I'll put up the character for reference.


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« Reply #14 on: <09-17-10/0840:21> »
Hi Waratah,
A pretty flower, no? I'd love for you to join if you are going to be active. We've had a couple people try to join and never post. Right now we have one slot open in the crew.

On another note, I am already a face with some stealth skills, however they are more like street skills than covert ops. I think there is room for two faces if we try not to crowd eachother out. It would be a good idea to make sure that your character can hold their own in a fight if they have to. We don't have any muscle. We have a magical healer, but nobody has any medic skills if he goes down.

You'll need permission from Walks Through Walls, but as long as you are going to post regularly, I don't think any of the players will have a problem with it.

PS:You'll need to have a completed character(You said you have some things wrong maybe). If you need help I would be more than happy to assist you.
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