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Rules and such / Re: Jammers and GOD
« Last post by Stainless Steel Devil Rat on Today at 11:17:23 »
Thanks for sharing.  Very helpful info.
Rules and such / Re: Jammers and GOD
« Last post by Jayde Moon on Today at 11:06:11 »
So, The Missions FAQ committee met last night to discuss Kill Code... and this question came up.

So, the first thing is that cloud storage is the DEFAULT mode, but of course devices and hosts have their own storage.

Second, that any network is 'Matrix Capable', you do not have to be connected to the World Wife Matrix to be in 'a' Matrix.

Third, that OS is the result of (non IT guy about to give a hacked up summary) activity indicators cached in the operating device which are part of the Matrix protocols and enable God to hone in on suspicious activity.

Ergo- you develop an OS until you clear your cache (by rebooting), but GOD does not have access to that cache unless/until you are connected to the WWM.  Similar to being in a Host and not being converged on unless you leave the Host with a critical OS, you can wirelessly hack a device (or hack one in a faraday cage) and develop an OS, but won't get converted on unless you somehow get that connectivity back.

This makes sense to me and is the way Missions will be run with the release of the next FAQ.

Previously, I was imagining GOD as tracing oddities in the Matrix and as each string of corrupted data was released, they'd follow the trail like sharks following blood...

Locating cached 'tattletale' data that is simply part of the protocols (and thus not removable if you want to stay on the Matrix) makes a little more sense to me.
General Discussion / Re: Chummer for 5th Edition
« Last post by Chummer 5 is Alive on Today at 10:49:37 »
@kyoto kid: If you can't see the printer at all, then I don't know what I can do for you. It's presumably something specific to your environment; it's possibly an appdata issue caused by something in our code, but I stepped through and couldn't see anything that should have had that effect. As you're on a current build now, when it crashed it should have generated a crash report on your desktop. If you can post the specific error message that's included in that I might have something more to work off.
@longshot23: I can't reproduce it in the latest build; can you show me your file? Send it to if you'd prefer not to upload it here or anything.
Pax works brilliantly for Lockdown. I so want to set a campaign in that plot one day.
Play-by-Post / Re: Interest check for a PbP by a journeyman GM.
« Last post by gilga on Today at 10:24:19 »
@Beta - One of my characters (in Jack's game) got her hand on R6 weapon focus, and as she has the mental stats for it I figured it would be nice to dabble in astral combat. However, as I thought about it more and more, I figured out the best focuses are the weapons with high reach. R6 Knife - is about as useful as an R3 spear. (give or take, resistance to BGC).  (Actually, less effective because the spear also helps in defense).

So, if/when you do get a weapon foci, notice that even the most simple spear would give you reach of 3, and as you are projecting, you are in the astral, and the physical spear can stay in the car or something. Thus even at F1, you'll get +4 to hit, and -3 dice to the opponent as there does not seem to be any other way to get reach in astral combat.

Does that make sense? I mean I am sorry if it is obvious - it is for me the first time to consider astral.

@Lorebane - I am fine here, but I don't mind DS/Rpgplayroom.
Pixel, the problem is that you skipped 4e, where TMs weren't 'matrix magicians'. They were essentially spiritual successors to the otaku of earlier editions, and had a distinctly different style of play from 'normal' matrix users. It was 5e that turned them into 'matrix magicians', in the process of screwing up the rest of the Matrix, of course.

If you can find a copy of the Emergence campaign book, give it a read, and the TM chapter in Unwired. That'll explain a lot of what TMs were intended to be. Otherwise, it is like trying to talk about the Universal Brotherhood without reading the Missing Blood book, or Deus without reading the Shutdown book.
Play-by-Post / Re: Interest check for a PbP by a journeyman GM.
« Last post by Beta on Today at 08:06:41 »
@Tecumseh: aww, that is sweet!  Nice if we have to spend the night on a stake out :)

@Lorebane:  I'm fine with keeping the game here.  The new software has seemed stable.  Any site might have outages occasionally, but the question is really how often, for how long, and is anything lost?  I think we look reasonable on that front here now.  Showing that PbP games still happen seems like good advertising too.  That said, I'm fine with moving.  If Obidancer is willing to support other games I can certainly vouch that that he set up works nicely.

The one thing I'd messaged about was possibly setting up an obsidianportal campaign page.  Even with the free version it gives a place to post characters, NPC write up, place descriptions, etc.  (and personally I prefer using it to a google drive type page because my work blocks gmail, drive, yahoo mail, etc.  all in the name of making it harder to move work files outside the company.  But Obsidianportal  is fine to access.  Makes lunch time updates much easier when I'm not trying to load things on my phone).  Games can also be run using the forums for a campaign, but I think the forums may only come with the paid version, so not pushing that.
Rules and such / Re: Jammers and GOD
« Last post by Finstersang on Today at 07:01:00 »
The biggest grief here is how extremely counterintuitive some of these concepts are, especially when they are not stated clearly and have to be kind of "extrapolated" from different bits of crunch and fluff.

The new Matrix is, obviously, very cloud-like (it also has some will on its own, and from what Iīve heard, Kill Code has some actually pretty cool fluff on this). Cloud Storage is a familiar concept to most of us: the technology is there for a couple of years and ever growing. However, what is not familiar to us - and therefore should be strongly highlighted is a key difference between the Matrix and our current Internet! - is the fact that using the Cloud is, as it seems, almost mandatory. Up to the point where you need illlegal(!) programs or Augmentations (Data Locks are still a thing) to actually move things out of the Cloud. Up to the point where you canīt hack without a connection to the Matrix because your Deck needs ressources from the Matrix to work (thatīs the best explanation I can find for this).

Before Data Trails and the Cloudless Program, no player would have ever assumed that you need a special program to store Data offline. Everyone would have assumed that you can store a File on your Commlink and when you turn the Commlink off, the File disappears from the Matrix (Itīs already pretty hard to swallow that everyone can readily see the File without having to, letīs say, Mark the Commlink first). Cloudless, however, leads to the assumption that this is something that you are not actually supposed to do at all - Despite the Terrabytes of storage space every device is supposed to have. Thereīs another huge suspension of disbelief at work here: After all, the new Matrix is a corporate product. If I were a Matrix security consultant and someone pitched to me a worldwide accessible, no-alternatives, 100%-online, wireless-only digital infrastructure from which I canīt safely remove my precious secrets, Iīd be laughing my ass off! There would be dozens of rivaling systems with other protocols - most likely, less efficient, but more secure.

And again, nothing of this is actually stated RAW in a clear and unmistakeable way, everything is just loosely implied by different bits of information. Which leads to the question: Is this really RAI or is it just an oversight?  ???

From what Iīve heard, Kill Code offers some insight on things like offline Hosts and systems, so thereīs hope that we get some much needed clarification here  ;)

From what I understand he ate the whole “Nothing in the World is safe from TMs” propaganda. He entirely livelihood is matrix based but constantly threatened by rogue TMs (in his mind at least). He sees them an abominations, freaks that cannot be of nature and must be put down.

I’ve never liked TMs either. I skipped the entire 4e and when I came back and read about them it was just “yuck, matrix magicians, just what the setting needs”.
I still dislike them, find them unnecessary... but I know many love them, so ... guess it comes from being a child of 2e.

As for tolerable TMs I honestly prefer Puck. The Netcat/Clockwork thing is just as old and tiring as the constant Fuji/novatech/whatever Villiers company going down in flames- thing :/ Puck at least is nicely unpredictable with streaks of both black and white. That he and Pax used to be Otaku is a bit bummer actually. Killing them off with Deus and build up new villains would have been better
Play-by-Post / Re: Interest check for a PbP by a journeyman GM.
« Last post by Tecumseh on Today at 02:32:16 »
Regarding the forums, I am open to staying here. I ran a 3-year game at Dumpshock but strongly feel that these forums are better. I ran a one-shot over at but the formatting drove me nutty. I currently have two games going over at, which I like pretty well. I've never played at RPG Playroom, nor had I even heard of it until just now. I wondered where Aria ended up... question answered! I'm open to playing there if the others recommend it, since it looks like everyone but me and the GM are playing there.

Is Performance now a knowledge skill, similar to Artisan, or is it still an active skill?

Here's our vehicle, with 4k from Jack and 4k from Beta and the rest from me.

Ford Americar
+ Amenities (High) - a nod to Beta's Creature of Comfort quality
+ Anti-Theft System (Rating 2) - a nod to the High amenities
+ GridLink Override - which presumes that GridLink comes standard, as the text implies
+ Manual Control Override
+ Morphing License Plate
+ Spoof Chips
+ Smuggling Compartment

Open for discussion. Amy/gilga is the best driver, and probably won't be pulled over for Driving While Ork like I might be, so I imagine she'll be behind the wheel most of the time.
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