Pouring one out on the curb

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« on: <07-21-14/2323:07> »
I wasn't sure where else to put this, so I figured I'd put it in the most off topic area.

A good friend of mine passed away today. He lost a life long fight with his body, specifically diabetes.

I put it in here because this is the friend that first introduced me to Shadowrun. He pulled me in with stories of wild things that happened to him and his friends, of game nights turning into game days, of things that mechanically shouldn't have happened, but did because it fit the feel of the game.

One of the stories that still sticks with me is that of a character that he made, over several editions, over several systems, who just would not die. Every time this character got close to horrible, bloody death, the odds would skew wildly in his favor, in full view of the table. It was a running joke that, with my friend slowly falling apart through various issues, not all related to his chronic condition, he was the real life version of his character, and he'd some how be the last of our little group to die.

So here's to him, having brought at least three or four of my friends into the game through him, and having created a character that lived on beyond his player.

Rest well, Jade Wing. Rest well, Carl. Even if some of your claims where likely false, it was always fun to hear them.
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« Reply #1 on: <07-22-14/0059:22> »
I'm sorry to hear it.  Diabetes took my dad (a long time ago, ugh), and it can be a hell of a thing.  RIP, Kylen's buddy.