Adventure: A Murder in Scarlet (players out!)

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A Murder in Scarlet

GM's Note: You can change the setting of this to fit your campaign in Seattle or another part of North America.

SYNOPSIS: A professor of the Applied Quantum Physics program in Brigham Young University was found murdered in his office.  At the reading of the will, everything was handed out except his private library.  The man who was to inherit the library, a former student of his, hires the Shadowrunners to find it.

THE TWIST:  The Black Lodge wants to find the private library also.  And they are willing to kill, maim, and blackmail to get at the private library.  The reason?  The Library contains the Secret.  Also, the Professor was a Western Dragon.

CLIMAX:  The Shadowrunners face down the Black Lodge's agents, Magio-Assassins, as the man that hired them unlocks the way to the private library.



Professor P. S. Drake is senior Professor of Applied Quantum Physics at Brigham Young University.  A "Non-Mormon," he is but one of the few Professors that aren't members of the Church.  A popular professor since he teaches with gusto, care, and love; the professor was killed in his office after drinking his usual wine.   He dropped dead some ten minutes after drinking the wine.  Provo investigators from the Ute Lodge Police turned up and started the initial investigations.  The official word is that he was murdered.

They found his wine laced with Sodium Cyanide (NaCN). Sodium cyanide is a potent inhibitor of respiration, preventing the cells in the body from receiving their oxygen.  However, no one has even found the culprit yet.  Eventually, however, the murder was traced to an Anglo by the name of Thomas Johnson.  The Utes have incarcerated the man, but many people think he was framed for murder.

Despite this, the Lawyers read his will to his family and everything, including his common library, was divided out to his heirs.  This left his private library, which wasn't mentioned in the will.  While the Drake family got his nice house, and one of his students got half his library, the school got the other half; this left one Joshua M. Fathergill, his supposed best student, in the dark as to where his private library was stashed.  Looking for help, Joshua chose to contact a friend of his who has contacts within the Shadow Community of Salt Lake.