[6E] Ammunitions for Throwing weapons/projectiles per 10?

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« on: <04-24-21/0639:37> »

Ammunitions for guns are sold by 10 and are quite cheap (5 for a standard gun).

But for a crossbow and bow I cant find anywhere that it said that the price listed is for 10 but I found some online character generator that specifies that it's for 10.  And it does make sense, I dont why an bolt would be 10 times more expensive than a bullet.

Is there any errata that confirm that? or did I missed the info somewhere?

And same for the throwing weapon: is it normal that a throwing knife or star cost 310/320 times the cost of a bullet?  shouldnt the price listed be for 10 knifes/stars?

Thanks for any input


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« Reply #1 on: <04-24-21/0757:34> »
We had a debate on throwing weapons a while ago, forget if it was on a Discord channel or on the forum. There's no official explanation but where I lean towards 'they're sturdy enough to be repeat-use, unlike bullets', others lean towards 'should be x10'.

With Bolts and Arrows, the prices kinda make sense? They're not as cheap as bullets, but guns are more common. And high-rated Bows+Arrows can exceed many guns damage-wise. Plus the weapon itself is cheap, if you compare it to guns that range from 200 to 20k, you still make a fair profit. Also, a bolt takes significantly more material than a bullet.
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« Reply #2 on: <04-24-21/1025:33> »
First thanks for the answer, too bad there is not an official errata/FAQ about it.

And high-rated Bows+Arrows can exceed many guns damage-wise.

If you have a crazy strenght of 14, a bow will make 7P, which is quite high true (but almost impossible to obtain at creation, unless maybe as a troll).

But even, for this kind of damage an arrow will cost 28 Nuyen, which is 56 time more expensive than a standard bullet.  isnt that a bit excessive?

And for a bolt there is even less reason, it does 4P damage (with a heavy crossbow) and cost 10 time a bullet; and the crossbow isnt much cheaper than a similar damage gun (and I would prefer to pay more once than to ruin myself everytime I shot ^^)

Anyway, it may not be the good place to restart the debate :)

Thanks again



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« Reply #3 on: <04-24-21/1336:27> »
do a quick search in google.

Crossbow Bolts,
Hunting Arrows.

Pricing in Canada, For a crossbow bolt runs you $34.99  to $69.99 EACH!!!
                          For a Hunting arrows, you run a cost of $19.99 to $ 89.99 EACH
                          For a box of 20 .308 cartridges, $69.99... Or about $3 a shot.   

Throwing knives REAL throwing knives, (and not shitty walmart sheet metal knockouts) cost you around $125 to $350 EACH.....

Speaking as someone with tens of THOUSANDS of dollars in firearms and ammo... it is not a cheap hobby to get into, nor to maintain. But that is nothing to what dedicated Archers pay out for their equipment.  A good quality bow will cost you several thousand dollars, another few hundred for bow string (NO. Its NOT household string!). Then throw in precision molded arrow shafts, balanced heads, impact resistant notches, and aerodynamic fletching... Arrows don't respond well to impacts, so they get bent, explode on contact, or just get lost... so you have to replace them (at the above costs)

"Nothing here screams "cheap"  to me....

Bullets on the other hand... Brass, lead, copper, propellant.... and in 2080s SR... just primer, powder and lead  (caseless ammo remember) 
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