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[SR5e]Technomancers has main hackers , It Works ?

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I am playing for my first time , and I am making a technomancer suposed to bem the main group hacker , will It works ?? Can technomancers be hackers ?? Ive taken 6 points in ALL skills of the cracking group and 5 in all eletronic skills . How can I make a technomancer a hacker ???

Michael Chandra:
I'd also get Compiling and Registering, honestly I'd drop Hardware and Cybercombat in return. That way you can call on Sprites to help you.

Hmmmmmmm okay , so making a technomancer main hacker Works ! But , is necessary to have 6 resonance on the beggining ? Or can I get well with 4 ?

Michael Chandra:
It's not necessary, but it's the cheapest spot to do so. For compiling and registering, it's definitely a big help.

Can you explain me how does working on the matrix seems ?? I don't really understand , do a decker or technomancer stay separated of the group while working on the matrix ??? Like in a parallel World ??? Conected to various cables ?? Is the matrix something like this ?? Will I need to be separed from the group while in hacking ??


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