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SR6: Can I use a RCC without a Control Rig

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Hi Chummers,

is it possible to use a RCC without having a Control Rig implanted?


Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

The RCC and Control Rig are complimentary tech, but they still do distinctly different things.

RCC: it's basically a super-duper commlink.  In addition to everything a commlink does, it allows you to share Autosofts out to your drones.  It also reduces Matrix Noise.

Control Rig: cyberware that allows you to perform the Jump Into Rigged Device matrix action.

You can use them both together naturally, but you can still use one without the other.  For example, you can use a Control Rig with a regular commlink since you don't care about Autosofts (you'll be jumped in, duh) and if you don't need the Noise reduction.  Indeed, if you're physically sitting inside the car you want to Jump Into, you don't even need an intermediary matrix comms device... you can just interface directly with the car itself.  And directly to your question: You can use a RCC to share Autosofts out and reduce Noise even when you're not Jumped In.

Thanks for the quick answer!


Well, the RCC does not come with a sim module. The control rig does.

And a Sim module is needed for VR. So if you use a RCC with a datajack or trodes instead of a control rig then you can't enter VR.

So in that sense you kinda need both.

And if you can't enter VR (and if you don't have a control rig) then you also can't jump into your drones.

But if you just plan on controlling your drones from AR and not jumping into them, then yes, you don't need a control rig.

Huh. Sim Modules are listed as an accessory on p. 268 of SR6 but aren't listed on the Accessories table for Availability and Cost. Someone else has certainly noticed that by now but I'm just seeing that for the first time. This is probably because Catalyst just copied the same Accessories table from SR5 (prices too), but in SR5 the Sim Module was listed with the Commlinks instead of with the Accessories and so got missed.

Well, if Sim Modules actually had a Cost, presumably you could just upgrade your commlink so you could enter VR (but still not share Autosofts on your drones or reduce Matrix Noise like an RCC does). If we keep the 5E pricing - which is identical to 6E for all the other accessories - then a Sim Module is 100 and a Hot-Sim Module is 250.


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