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Best use of Skillwires/Chips

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I've seen some love of them, and quite a bit of distaste for them for various reasons.

When you've used them or seen them used, what were the interesting things they were used for?

I've played a face who had all the etiquettes and languages on chip so he could be socially talented in all situations.

I'd suspect people would be leary of them as a combat mainstay because of the edge issue.

What about wired driving, good by human standards but by no means a rigger.

What kind of skillwire heavy characters are you most familiar with?

A fair amount I think has to do with which edition one uses and whether the campaign tends toward being roleplay/skill heavy.

I've used them most in NPCs usually for some business-related skills though the son of one of my PCs was a data courier built originally in 4e/A then converted to 5e which was something of a challenge.

While predominantly still an NPC, I will likely play him soon in an upcoming one-off planned for our kids. It allowed for him to be rather effective in covering all the needed skills.


--- Quote from: Horsemen on ---It allowed for him to be rather effective in covering all the needed skills.

--- End quote ---

I like having about 2-3 skills that I have to spend Karma on to make superior, but spending Nuyen to pay for all the regular stuff like Repair skills or Medicine/First Aid. a lot of those are Mission Specific type things that won't likely come up on every run.  I spend that Karma Boosting my attributes and 2-3 skills I'll use for every mission.

Strong, Fast, Friendly, and can make you any meal or cocktail you'll ever want, fix any vehicle you need, and even build an off grid emergency shelter in a pinch, as long as he has the chips, which he keeps cataloged and stored in a smuggling compartment.

I have always toyed with the idea, but never went through with it.

Presonally I have always felt weird about skillwires. In the backround they metion that skillware killed the labor unions and droppes wages....but when I look at the price of those  really is just cheaper to send your wage slave to school  :o

I can see the military or emergency services have a place for them...but still think they are to expensive for what they do....

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Depends on how the sottware copy protection works. If one skillsoft can be loaded onto 1000 laborers' skillwires, it gets pretty affordable.


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