SR5 and Nodes/UV Nodes - Would corps still use them for security reasons?

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« on: <10-28-14/0045:11> »
So, in SR5, everyone switched to this new "Gridded" Matrix. It's supposedly safer, easier to use, etc. However, as I was rereading Unwired, I got to thinking. We don't have UV nodes in SR5 (at least not yet, and they would probably be UV hosts in Data Trails), but they probably still exist. After all, Ares Firewatch wouldn't discontinue what is likely a multi-billion nuyen project just because everyone else switched to different Matrix Protocols.

This led me to thinking. Nodes, and UV Nodes, require a much different system setup, matrix connection, really everything to access, or more importantly, to hack. So, could a paranoid (or possibly just super secret security lab) use a Node to house and protect their data rather than a host? Your everyday hacker doesn't stand a chance of detecting, let alone hacking such a Node. All commlinks have been "upgraded" to not accept programs anymore. Even your genius hackers, and even Technomancers, would be highly unlikely to resort to old Matrix protocols and measures, since people would not suspect that the old Nodes would still be running. This would effectively create a Matrix host, actually a Node, where data can be securely kept, just because no one can find it. Not to mention it still can be bolstered as they were in SR4.

So, what does everyone think? I know it may be a little out there, but I think I'll likely incorporate it into my game if I ever run one. I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks about this.


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« Reply #1 on: <10-31-14/1143:44> »
for a totally closed, remote site that never wants to interface one system to the outside world then yeah, there is a relative benefit in hiding behind obsolesence.
Anyone who broke in and tried to hack it would be surprised when they find something that they have no idea how to work with.
I guess its the same in that some places like mechanical locks because the rest of the world uses maglocks. because its rare, not many people have the skills or tools to deal with them any more.
it wouldnt be a great solution for the ground floor of a large corp, but for a black-site out in the wilderness working on highly illegal projects, i could see it being viable.