Yahar! A Nautical Theme Shadowrun Game!

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« on: <10-24-14/2024:27> »
So, a few friends and I have recently been discussing the idea of a Shadowrun game revolving around piracy/water-borne 'running.  I'd been fiddling around with the idea of 'Priority A Troll, with magic', and came up with an aqua-troll using the swim speed boost from Shadow Spells (since I saw it and thought it was an awesome power), when I realized trolls are scary-good swimmers; a troll adept focused on swimming with 'maxed' stats for movement through water would on average hit over 50 miles per hour 'sprinting', with a sustained swim-rate of near 27mph; my CC troll was at 17mph. 

Anyways, I was curious as to how y'all would approach such an idea.  'Run/job ideas, character concepts that would fit well, complications and advantages, etc. 
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« Reply #1 on: <10-24-14/2229:53> »
First I would look into the Cyberpirates! Books for inspiration and then look into modern day piracy. Hijacking of tradeships, infiltration of aquacology research facilities and so on. It's a great opportunity to hit mid and South America.
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« Reply #2 on: <10-24-14/2325:43> »
you could be privateers in a war zone. Helping/Raiding supply ships, relief ships, refugee ships, and the occasional military vessel for the highest bidder, or for the side you've sworn allegiance to! Or, if you aren't taking things seriously, wacky races sea edition! It is the latest trid sensation! Massive group of privately run ships competing in a race/scavenger hunt/navel battle to the death! Imagine the ratings... I mean adventure!
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« Reply #3 on: <10-26-14/2008:06> »
There is an SR5 PDF release called Coyotes that deals with Border crossing.  A Naval campaign based in the Caribean League post-Amazonia War would cross a fair share of borders.

And FYI, current international/naval law sets national territorial waters at 12 nautical miles or roughly 24 kilometers.  I'm guessing that in the 6th World would include corporate borders for aquaculture and undersea arcology defense perimeters.


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« Reply #4 on: <10-27-14/1532:28> »
Sounds like a cool setting. I second Cyberpirates! for resources. I think there are also some nautical based resources in Target:Smuggler's Haven IIRC and California Free State might have some coastal pirate type info, but not much -- man! I'll have to dig out my copy and look, you have me curious now.

Oh, yeah and I think Hazard Pay has an Ocean section; I haven't seen that one though.

Other ideas for your players or runs:
* Guard a sea-based shipment for 'XYZ' corporation from 'ABC' corporation
* Explore underwater ruins
* Capture live specimens of <insert para-critter>
* Toxic sea shamans/spirits
* Underwater corporate research stations or hit an Arkoblock
* Hit and run campaign - have an over reaching goal, or just go full on Pirate!    ;D
* Map underwater location or provide support for science team doing the mapping
* Underwater Casinos! Need I say more?

I personally would want a rigged out submarine, but that may just be me. And a peg leg --- with a panther assault cannon mod of course... ;) OOhhh...or a grappling gun cyber-arm!