Suggestions for work/cheat sheet for combat

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Thinking of putting together a one-time-use worksheet, to use for each session. Use it to keep track of money spent, items purchased/lost, recoil, etc. Just a more structured piece of paper to give out to each player and they keep track of it themselves, keeping some of the annoying upkeep under control. I imagine any permanent changes could then be transferred over to the character sheet at the end of the session, cutting down on constant erasing/rewriting. Any suggestions on what might be useful for this? My thoughts:

- Cash gained/lost
- Progressive recoil math
- Ammo used
- Items gained/lost
- Current ASDF, noise, etc. for hackers
- Current speed (walk/run/sprint)
- Section to keep track of current dice pool modifiers (e.g. once you figure out that wind/distance/light = -3 dice, you can jot it down and know where to find it)

Basically just stuff that can be easy to lose track of (esp for new players) in the middle of a firefight.