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Rules and such / Re: [Core] Enhanced Articulation
« Last post by MercilessMing on <11-14-23/0926:30> »
Yeah, Used grade augments aren't as great as they used to be before Body Shop.  Bad Luck, easy to jam, easy to break - buyer beware! 
All my characters nowadays have Bad Luck and Silver Lining qualities because glitches are fun, so that softens the harshness of the added penalty.  But I think most players will be (should be?) scared off by the negatives.

Bioware also can't benefit from Cyberware Overdrive, which is a great mechanic that gives chrome an edge.
Rules and such / Re: Mana barriers and DNI,s
« Last post by MercilessMing on <11-14-23/0921:10> »
Depends on edition.  Back in 2e, mana barriers stopped all living things, but in recent editions they only stop magical effects (things present on the astral plane).

Gear and augments that give DNI will say so in their description.  The most common ones are datajack, trodes, and cyberjack (6th ed).
Rules and such / Re: [Core] Enhanced Articulation
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <11-14-23/0143:07> »
Because it doesn't stack with other ware. So it's a single +1 Agility, but won't stack with Muscle Toner or Muscle Replacement. Of course it's a bit silly that it's cheaper than Muscle Toner 1, while it gives a better benefit, but it's only worth it if you only got for +1 Agi.

As for slightly used: That's where the Body Shop rule change comes in, where Used ware is replaced and now suddenly that 50% nuyen discount also comes at the risk of cancer and Bad Luck.
Rules and such / Re: [Core] Enhanced Articulation
« Last post by FastJack on <11-13-23/1807:31> »
Yep, a +1 bump.... With no levels, so there's no Enhanced Articulation +2, +3, etc.
Rules and such / [Core] Enhanced Articulation
« Last post by Wu Jen on <11-13-23/0916:02> »
Is it supposed to give you +1 Agi? It just seems way too cheap for 0.2 essence and 30,000.

edit: And slightly used? Enhanced Articulation for 0.22 essence and 15,000?

If so it has to be one of the best investments you can make at Ess/Nuyen per Augmented point cost.
Rules and such / Re: Mana barriers and DNI,s
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <11-13-23/0655:53> »
Anyone is capable of moving through a mana barrier, it's just that for some folks and effects it comes with an astral intersection roll. Simplest way to get through one is turning off your spells and foci.
Rules and such / Mana barriers and DNI,s
« Last post by Bishophawk on <11-13-23/0457:12> »
I have two questions.  1 when a mana barrier is up would a mundane be able to just walk thru it or would it stop or slow them down, same with and awaken with no sustained spells or foci?

Second question,  what cyber do you need to have a DNI with your gear?
Edge Zone / Looks Impressive!
« Last post by Shadowjack on <11-12-23/1803:59> »
My stuff arrived and I've so far read the rulebook. Everything looks awesome and the rules are easy to understand. Going to be playing sometime within a week. Extremely grateful for all your hard work and giving me a chance to play the game I missed out on. I'm not sure what has changed rules and gameplay-wise but I really like what I see. Hopefully we will see more content down the line. I'd love to see characters like Sly and others from the old novels.
JMH said on facebook that the PDF and web stores will have it on the 15th, and physical stores on the 22nd
Official Announcements / Re: Scotophobia releasing November 12th!
« Last post by Aria on <11-06-23/0934:51> »
Yes, definitely looking forward to this one!

Fingers crossed for some 'answers' to some of the current plots...
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