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Rules and such / Re: Mana barriers and DNI,s
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <11-13-23/0655:53> »
Anyone is capable of moving through a mana barrier, it's just that for some folks and effects it comes with an astral intersection roll. Simplest way to get through one is turning off your spells and foci.
Rules and such / Mana barriers and DNI,s
« Last post by Bishophawk on <11-13-23/0457:12> »
I have two questions.  1 when a mana barrier is up would a mundane be able to just walk thru it or would it stop or slow them down, same with and awaken with no sustained spells or foci?

Second question,  what cyber do you need to have a DNI with your gear?
Edge Zone / Looks Impressive!
« Last post by Shadowjack on <11-12-23/1803:59> »
My stuff arrived and I've so far read the rulebook. Everything looks awesome and the rules are easy to understand. Going to be playing sometime within a week. Extremely grateful for all your hard work and giving me a chance to play the game I missed out on. I'm not sure what has changed rules and gameplay-wise but I really like what I see. Hopefully we will see more content down the line. I'd love to see characters like Sly and others from the old novels.
JMH said on facebook that the PDF and web stores will have it on the 15th, and physical stores on the 22nd
Official Announcements / Re: Scotophobia releasing November 12th!
« Last post by Aria on <11-06-23/0934:51> »
Yes, definitely looking forward to this one!

Fingers crossed for some 'answers' to some of the current plots...
effectively, they have to be free, given they aren't Bound. However, you don't have to give them any extra abilities if you don't want to!
And the entirety of Scotland is outraged about it.

All jokes aside, can't wait to read this one!
One of the nice touches in Shadowrun, going back to 1st ed, is the ease with which new spells can be designed. Is there somewhere that stores the various interesting designs people have come up with over the decades?
It's not just an absence of knowledge. To take a specific incident: if the Dragon Aden isn't around, he doesn't demolish Tehran. That means the jyhad against metahumans continues. (Also, given real world sex-selection abortions have changed the male-female ratio in India and China, meta-selection abortions in the 6th world would probably obliterate the metahuman populations in these nations).
Ditto the eradication of Down's Syndrome in Iceland and Sweden would be replicated for metahumans.
So expect metahumans to have been nearly exterminated.

Spells, not so much of a problem because they fit into the spellcasters worldview. "Spontaneous remissions" are common enough that it would probably be a couple of years before anyone noticed that healing prayers are being answered on a regular basis.
Also, because no one knows that cyberware reduces your magical potential, large numbers of potential magicians will lose their gifts due to implants.
Cyberware may be *encouraged* because it 'cures mental conditions' - the recipient no longer sees auras etc.
Official Announcements / Scotophobia releasing November 12th!
« Last post by FastJack on <11-03-23/0700:05> »

Per ICV2, Scotophobia will be releasing 11/12!
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