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Rules and such / 6WC lifestyle quality question
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <06-29-24/2335:58> »
Hrm. 6WC, pg 184 - Armory quality. Costs 2 Lifestype Points per level, but there's a "Level 1a" and a Level 1b". And what you get in 1b is kinda better than Level 3, except maybe the bomb.

Was 1b meant to be Level 4?

1a is a single light pistol plus a few melee weapons scattered around the house.
1b is a full armory room with a shop.
2 is a few Heavy pistols hidden and a couple of grenades.
3 is several guns hidden all over. And a site self destruct.

Why would something costed by level have a "level 1a" and a "level 1b"?
Errata / Re: [SR6] Body Shop errata
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <06-23-24/1659:22> »

Pg 41 - Internal Router states "add one die equal to the internal routerís rating", it is probably meant to say "add dice equal to the internal routerís rating".
General Discussion / Re: Thomas Roxborough and cloning
« Last post by DeathStrobe on <06-21-24/2019:42> »
Did 10 AI ever come out? Or maybe CGL might alright with Wakshaani self publishing it(Holo Streets)? Information just wants to be free.
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by DeathStrobe on <06-21-24/2001:51> »
Wow, Beta your table's narrative is super dope. After doing something as cool as that, I might just recommend completely ignoring canon if it ever conflicts with your table's story.
The Secret History / Re: Chicago's Next City Spirit
« Last post by Beta on <06-21-24/1245:58> »
Let me pick some brains and see if it's on the radar...

You are a prince among men!
The Secret History / Re: Chicago's Next City Spirit
« Last post by FastJack on <06-21-24/0858:43> »
Let me pick some brains and see if it's on the radar...
The Secret History / Re: Chicago's Next City Spirit
« Last post by Beta on <06-20-24/1449:43> »
Following up on my post of a few years back   :-[    Mostly to ask if anyone knows if this is a topic that will ever be officially followed up?  (i.e. any plans for it to show up in a book at some point?).  I don't mind going against what is official but I like to take it into account if I can.

After some delays I'm finally moving forward into the part of the [SR5] campaign where we'll be actively involved in the competition to become the new city spirit of Chicago.  Chicago Chaos lists a number of contenders, which I'm modifying a bit and then the party will be trying to push one of their own choosing.  Definitely well beyond the rules coverage in SR, would be easier to handle the mechanics in Anarchy, but we'll bumble along.  Mostly looking at possible outcomes.
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by Longshot23 on <06-17-24/1300:38> »
There are five or six paragraphs in Aetherology (p 26 and p 29) but that all there is as far as I know.

Don't tell me - the major draw to go to Metabeles is the [almost] unique blue crystals that have mana battery-like qualities, and the smaller denizens practice a bizarre form of the Possession tradition . . .
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by Beta on <06-17-24/1232:15> »
Aetherology delivered exactly what I needed, and just in the nick of time!

(Background, just to show how perfect and timely this information was:

In a (5e) game I have a magician with the Spider mentor spirit, whose long term objective is to create or draft a spider great form spirit and guide it to becoming the City Spirit of Chicago (and hence fending off the mostly rather undesirable great form spirits currently vying for that role, as outlined in the Anarchy publication Chicago Chaos).  It is a cool concept -- both a predator to insects and figuratively someone who can knit things together with their 'web', and it works with Chicago's history as a transportation hub (a web or roads, tracks, and flights all centred on the city).  The most likely outcome is that they die trying, but I'm letting them take a good run at it, waving hands vigorously where necessary as we have no information on how something becomes a city spirit.

Currently they were about to buy the "Favoured Pupil" quality from Forbidden Arcana, in one part for the karma savings so that they can dump all their longer term karma into this scheme, but two parts for the role play aspect of showing building a closer bond with Spider, as one step towards making all of this happen. 

Yesterday was the session where the in-game date reached the point they wanted to spend the karma, so I had them get diverted to The Web when they thought they were investigating a metaplanar portal in Denver. (a powerful but not ultimate spirit "aether-web snagged them" he said, waving his hands vigorously). They are going to have to prove their mettle with some invae hunting, then, thanks to Aetherology, that there are three prime spirits in The Web.  They are going to have to choose one of Warrior, Finder of Secrets, or Trickster as part of forging that closer bond.  The character absolutely has aspects of all three, so the choice will be fascinating, and is FAR better than anything I'd come up with for this step.)

PS. I may raise another topic on this, but has anyone heard any rumours of whether the 'city spirit of Chicago competition' is going to get picked up in any of the main SR books, or if that is just staying as an Anarchy side plot?
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by FastJack on <06-17-24/0805:30> »
Oh, that's good. I had forgotten about Aetherology!
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